Anglo Eastern Deck Cadet Interview Questions

John Deere Interview Rounds and Process

  • Q1. Introduction, Family Background, Why are you working in Tractor Industry? Add Answer
  • Q2. Overview of key roles & responsibilities in previous organization Add Answer
  • Q3. Major Achievements, Awards received? Key initiatives taken to grow the business? Add Answer
  • Q4. Why are you looking for a job change? Are you willing to relocate? Add Answer
  • Q5. Strengths & Weaknesses, expectation from this job role & skills incurred during working in previous organization Add Answer
  • Q6. Business Case Study for a particular territory? what will be your course of action to increase the market share? Add Answer
  • Q7. What are your views about agriculture in modern India? Add Answer
  • Q8. Any questions for us? Add Answer
  • Q1. Will you introduce yourself? Add Answer
  • Q2. Why are you looking for a job change? Add Answer
  • Q3. Whats the expected growth you are looking for? Add Answer
  • Q4. Why should we hire you? Add Answer
  • Q5. Any question for me? Add Answer
  • anglo eastern deck cadet interview questions

    Hi, aspirants given below are some few probable set of questions which you will likely face during your placement interview in anglo-eastern company.

    How is IMS Goa Quora?IMS Goa is one of the best Marine Institute in India, It is providing all the facilities for their cadets at the time of their respective studies and training. Almost every cadet got placed till now in every batch.

  • Medical Professionals (Doctors & Surgeons)
  • Data Scientist.
  • Machine Learning Experts.
  • Blockchain Developer.
  • Full Stack Software Developer.
  • Product Management.
  • Management Consultant.
  • Investment Banker.
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    Anglo-Eastern Ship Management interview questions for popular designations

    Anglo-Eastern Ship Management Interview Rounds and Process

    General questions based on travel, speed and distance, work time calculations

    Why do you want to join the merchant navy?Life Skills – Merchant Navy Cadetships provide you with the highest level of training and experience to become the best Officer you can be. Not only do you spend time learning both technical and practical seafaring skills, but you also learn skills for life, for example, team building skills, resilience and dedication.

  • McKinsey & Company Interview Rounds and Process

    There were 2 DSA questions that we had to solve on HackerRank. One of them was a medium dynamic programming question – minimum insertions required to make a string palindrome. The other was a fairly easy question that required knowledge of permutations and combinations. We just had to figure out a maths formula given the situation. 1st round also involved a logical game that we had to play. We were scored based on coding + game and shortlisted for next round.

    An interviewer joined me on zoom meet and sent a HackerRank link to a question. It was a medium dynamic programming/backtracking question. I solved it but only half the test cases ran while others threw TLE as my recursive code took exponential time.

  • Q1. Explain what happens after you search a url on your browser. (Had to explain the whole DNS working) Add Answer
  • Q2. Explain how video calling works. (Had to explain the whole OSI model) Add Answer
  • Q3. Asked possible causes of ClassNotFoundException and MemoryOutOfBoundException Add Answer
  • Q4. Asked 2 or 3 case study questions like designing a car infotainment system. Add Answer
  • Q5. Asked about the usefulness of OOPS. Add Answer
  • Q6. Asked how Java code compiles/runs(had to explain about creation of class file, JVM etc) Add Answer
  • Q7. Asked about working of https. Add Answer
  • Q1. Explain few challenges that you faced during a project/internship. Add Answer
  • Q2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Add Answer
  • Q3. Explain a project that you did Add Answer
  • Q4. Tell me about a conflict that you may have faced during a project/internship Add Answer
  • anglo eastern deck cadet interview questions

  • Q1. Two online questions to know your personality traits. Add Answer
  • Q1. Team handling situation based questions. Add Answer
  • Q2. Certification related questions Add Answer
  • Q3. Past experiences based Add Answer
  • Q1. Lean based questions Add Answer
  • Q2. Team handling situations Add Answer
  • Q3. Past experience based Add Answer
  • anglo eastern deck cadet interview questions

    Anglo Eastern Interview Questions for Deck Cadet | Mariner KK (4K)

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