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Angular is one of the most in-demand skills in todays job market, but it is also very difficult to get a good grasp of the entire framework, especially from an interview perspective. Keeping that in mind, we have come up with a list of well-curated Angular interview questions that will help you ace your Angular interviews.

Smarter BIZ Technologies Interview Rounds and Process

  • Q1. Self introduction,A few basic questions about bpo sector Add Answer
  • Q2. Tell me about yourself Add Answer
  • Q3. How to handle a irated customer Add Answer
  • Q4. What is sympathy and empathy Add Answer
  • Q5. What quality required for bpo secotor Add Answer
  • Q6. Tell me something about Environment Add Answer
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    Basic questions from reasoning and apptitude

    What is a parameterized pipe?

    In Angular, pipes are used to transform the raw data into a required format before the final display to the end-users. These pipes are broadly categorized into 2 categories:

    Built-in Pipes are further divided into 2 types – Parameterized Pipes and Chaining Pipes.

    Parameterized Pipes refer to the pipes that carry parameters. We can use these pipes to pass n number of parameters by giving a colon (:) in the command.

    3 What are some disadvantages of using Angular?

    Although Angular provides quite a lot of benefits, there are some disadvantages of using it as well. They are as follows:

  • Getting good SEO results on an Angular application can be a bit difficult and may need a bit of configuration.
  • Angular has a lot of features packed into it, so getting to know each of them and learning how to use them effectively together can be a little difficult.
  • Angular can add quite a lot of weight to your JavaScript bundle, so using it for smaller projects can be very inefficient and may significantly increase the load size.
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    7 What is a rule in Schematics?

    Rule in Schematic refers to a set function that takes a Tree, transforms it and finally returns a new Tree.

    6 How can one create a service in Angular?

    Service in Angular is an object that can be substituted. It is wired and combined with the help of dependency injection. Services are developed by getting registered in a module that they need to be executed in. The three methods of creating a service in Angular are as follows:

    What is the scope?

    A scope is an object in Angular referring to the application model. It is a context for executing expressions. These scopes are organized in a hierarchical form that is similar to the application’s DOM structure. A scope helps in propagating various events and watching expressions.

    What is Angular? Why was it introduced?

    Angular was introduced to create Single Page applications. This framework brings structure and consistency to web applications and provides excellent scalability and maintainability.Â

    Angular is an open-source, JavaScript framework wholly written in TypeScript. It uses HTMLs syntax to express your applications components clearly.Â

    TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that offers excellent consistency. It is highly recommended, as it provides some syntactic sugar and makes the code base more comfortable to understand and maintain. Ultimately, TypeScript code compiles down to JavaScript that can run efficiently in any environment.Â

    What is the difference between constructor and ngOnInit?

    The difference between constructor and ngOnInit is given below:

    Basis Constructor ngOnInit
    Objective. The objective of a Constructor is to start class members ngOnInit is used in case of startup/announcement and avoids things to work in builders.
    Usage A Constructor should be used to set up Dependency Injection, Initialization of class fields, etc. ngOnInit is used to write the work code that executes as soon as the class is instantiated.

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