Animation Programmer Interview Questions

What Kind Of Strategies And Mindset Are Required For This Role?

This role requires a creative and imaginative mind. It requires someone who is focused on developing and creating value. It requires someone open-minded and with an eagerness to learn at every opportunity available. You also need a growth mindset and be able to forecast changes in technology that may arise before a project is completed. These are qualities that I have developed as well as work ethics to be able to perform well in this role.

Describe A Time You Failed In This Role And The Lesson You Learned?

In my previous role, I had an unapproachable boss. One time I did not understand his instructions and was scared to go back and ask because I did not want to be scolded. This led to a wrong interpretation of the requirements and that step had to be redone in the project delaying the video game release. I owned up to my mistake and took full responsibility for the delay. I learned that I do not have to fear being scolded and ensure the project is delivered on time.

Role specific animation interview questions

Below is a summary of role specific animation interview questions to ask candidates,

1. How do you update yourself with animation trends?

Sample Answer: I keep watching animated movies and follow each detail I see. I keep on updating myself by searching for different styles and creative ideas. Few of the books I follow and generally see the tutorials to groom my practical senses.

2. Working on animations, what mostly inspire you?

Sample Answer: While I work on the animations, the things that inspire me the most are the tools and the software. Gearing up with the project makes me work harder and I try to explore even the minor details with which my work could get better.

3. What software do you mostly work on?

Sample Answer: Few of the software are my favorites which I work mostly on. Maya, 3ds Max Design, Adobe Animate are the major software I work on.

4. How skilled are you at rigging?

Sample Answer: Getting the apparatus used properly, I convert a skeleton into a moving character in no time. Animation requires a movement of the characters which are framed well. Creating the layouts more effectively, I work on rigging to remove the barrier and bring the outcome effortlessly.

5. What all games do you play?

Sample Answer: Apex legends, doom, Tacoma are the games I play and get inspired from. Not only I play but learn a lot from those animated characters. My mind gets more creative after this short break of playing.

1 What Inspires You When Making Animations?

I like to study the client’s requirements well and then question myself on what the target audience would enjoy. When I know what will spark the interest of my target audience, I focus my energy on that. I also look at my past creative works to remind myself that I can deliver a great animation to the client. I then start the work and let my creative juices flow. I give it my best shot and when needed I take breaks to unwind by taking walks or talking to a friend. If it is work that requires a team effort, I check in with my teammates regularly as we update each other on the progress made. Teammates also ensure that the client’s requirements have been translated well into the game.

HOW TO WIN THE INTERVIEW! – Animation Interview Questions

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