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Top Answers to Android Interview Questions


Although both Android and iOS Developers are in high demand, there is more requirement for Android Developers in the market. It is the most commonly used operating system in the world today. So, if you are looking to pursue a career in the field of Android, then these Android interview questions will be extremely helpful for you. Check out a few of the most important interview questions in the Android field:

The Android interview questions are grouped under the following three categories: 1. Basic

What is a NinePatch (9-patch) image?

It is a resizable bitmap resource that can be used for backgrounds or other s on a device. NinePatch class permits drawing a bitmap in nine sections. The 9-patch s have an extension as .9.png. It allows extensions in 9 ways, i.e., 4 corners that are unscaled, 4 edges that are scaled in 1 axis, and the middle one that can be scaled into both axes.

anr software java developer interview questions

1 Can you deploy executable JARs on Android? Which packaging is supported by Android?

No, the Android platform does not support JAR deployments. Applications are packed into Android Package (.apk) using Android Asset Packaging Tool (AAPT) and then deployed onto the Android platform. Google provides Android Development Tools for Eclipse that can be used to generate the Android Package.

What is ADB?

ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge. It is a command-line tool that is used to communicate with the emulator instance. ADB can control our device over USB from a computer, copy files back and forth, install and uninstall apps, run shell commands, and more.

anr software java developer interview questions

It is a client–server program that includes three components:

  • A client, which runs on our development machine. We can invoke a client from a shell by issuing an ADB command. Other Android tools such as DDMS also create ADB clients.
  • A server, which runs as a background process on our development machine. The server manages communication between the client and the ADB daemon running on an emulator or device.
  • A daemon, which runs as a background process on each emulator or device instance.
  • Where can you define the icon for your activity?

    The icon for an activity is defined in the manifest file.


    This means that we have to open AndroidManifest.xml. Right under the root ‘manifest’ node of the XML, we can see the ‘application’ node. We have added this attribute to ‘application’. (The ‘icon’ in ‘@drawable/icon’ refers to the file name of the icon.)

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    Can Android applications only be programmed in Java?

    No, not necessarily. We can program Android apps using the Native Development Kit (NDK) in C/C++. The NDK is a toolset that allows us to implement parts of our app using native code languages such as C and C++. Typically, good use cases for NDK are CPU-intensive applications such as game engines, signal processing, and physics simulation.

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