Answers Publix Interview Questions

Q – Are you flexible to work rotational shifts?

Ans: You should always demonstrate flexibility to work in rotational shifts since the nature of the retail industry demands so. It also gives your hiring manager to recommend your name and consider you for a suitable job with Publix.

Imagine that a client complained about a price discrepancy. How would you react?

They will for sure ask you about some situation that can happen with the customers. It can be dealing with an angry customer, facing a complaint, having to attend multiple customers at once, or any other situation. In all these instances, they care mostly about your attitude.

Ensure them that you would take a feedback of the customer seriously. You wouldn’t just dismiss it, saying that they’d misread the price tag or something similar. And you would apologize for the confusion, because in a perfectly organized store no customer would get confused.

What’s more, you would not start any argument with the customers. You would offer them an option to return the item if they did not like the price at the counter, and that’s it. Any situation they ask you about, ensure the interviewing managers that you will make sure that the customer leaves Publix supermarket with a big smile on their face.

Many employees have a part time job with Publix. If you also apply for one, they will for sure ask about your availability. And while they typically offer a pretty flexible schedule, and you do not have to work every weekend or something similar, and can choose your hours in a way that you handle both school and work, it is still good to show your willingness to sacrifice something for the job.

Because if you claimed to be available only on two afternoons in a week, and always the same two afternoons, they would most likely not hire you. Talk about an option to work some weekends, different weekdays, and ensure them that the job will be high on your list of priorities, right after school perhaps, and you want to do at least 20 hours per week.

Q – How will you deal with an annoyed customer?

Ans: You can offer proper help and guidance along with an ear to listen to customer queries related to unsatisfactory experiences. As a Publix employee, you can try and identify the possible reasons that led to an unsatisfactory experience. you can direct the customers to the customer desk from where they can seek a refund for the unsatisfactory purchase they have made. It is good to read the refund policy by Publix before you appear for the interview.

Q – What makes you a suitable employee for Publix?

Ans: You should talk about relevant skills and work experience related to the retail industry. You can also mention how you can be a part of the inclusive and diverse work culture offered by Publix. Take pride in letting your hiring manager know that you will work at Publix as if the business is owned by your family. Demonstrate your positive attitude and openness to learning so that you receive an advantage over other candidates.

Can you tell us more about the experience from your resume?

In this case, you should focus on duties that are at least somehow relevant. Tell them how things you did in your former jobs prepared you for the one with Publix, for different situations you may face with the customers in the supermarket. Any job in sales, customer service, or retail is a relevant one.

Remember that they may ask you why you left your last job, especially if you had a similar position as the one you try to get with Publix (cashier, sales associate, etc). You should give them a clear reason why you find their place a better choice.

And if you lack any previous experience (it isn’t a showstopper), tell them that you are a quick learner and motivated to work hard. Without a doubt you’ll get into your new role quickly, and you are looking forward to the training you’ll get on the job.

answers publix interview questions

Top 5 Publix Super Markets Interview Questions and Answers

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