Answers To Target Interview Questions

3 Do you read anything? If yes, what are you reading currently?

If you have mentioned reading as your hobby, this question might come up for sure. Always be honest about this question as you never know if the interviewer is reading the same magazine/book, and the whole interview can turn into a discussion about the same.

2 What are the specific things you expect after you join Target?

Highlight that you are expecting a space where you can learn new things, sharpen up your existing skills, and have a supportive team. A place which will help you keep a balance between your professional and personal life.

answers to target interview questions

1 Tell us about a time when you disagreed with a team member? What was the outcome?

At this point, an interviewer will like to understand whether a candidate will lead to disputes in the team or will keep the team happy/satisfied. At this question, highlight how patiently you listened to other team members opinions and came to a mid-point where both of your points were considered.

Tell us about a time when you chose to go above and beyond your role and responsibilities?

This question will help them identify whether a candidate is capable of multi-tasking and facing new challenges without hindering current tasks. Be it a small event or a major one, keep a situation in mind and share how your contribution has helped solve a problem or improve the work.

1 What makes a good team member?

A good team member keeps a balance between personal and team growth. Hence, good team members maintain equality, show empathy, take charge of their work and support team members.

1 How important is it to engage with other team members?

One cant stay limited to their team and work for the rest of their life. Hence, its important to engage with other team members and know them better. It will help not only in understanding how different departments work but also acquire new skills and learnings.

1 Tell me a little about your past experience.

Hint: This question seems to be easy, but it is not. First of all, interviewer asks you to tell a little about your experience. So, you should not repeat your entire resume–unless it is a short one and there is actually a little on it :).

Tr to talk about jobs that are at least somehow related to the one you try to get with Target. If you have no experience, you can mention some experience from the school, stressing the lessons you learned, especially if they can help you to ease into the new role with Target.

Special Tip: Check also Why did you leave your last job?

Good answers:

  • I worked as a teller at Wells Fargo for two years. I leaned to talk to people, to sell the products, to communicate with different types of people and to deal with objections. I believe it can help me in this job, if you choose me, of course. I enjoyed my experience with customers, and would love to stay in the same field.
  • I have had just part time jobs before. I worked as a manual worker on a construction site, I picked strawberries, and I volunteered in a research center. However, I believe that I learned what it means to have a routine job, and to be responsible for things and people. I feel ready to get my first full time job, hopefully here at Target.
  • Top 20 Target Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

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