Answers To United Flight Attendant Interview Questions

How do you feel about being away from family, friends, or beloved pets?

Each job has some drawbacks, and when we talk about airline jobs (especially cabin crew and pilots), this is something many employees find hard to bear. You have a few options for a good answer.

First one is saying that you’ve heard so much about excellent atmosphere and camaraderie at United Airlines. Sure, you may spend much less time with your friends back home. But you will meet new people, make new friends, and see no reason why you cannot find “another family” within your circles at work.

Second thing is saying that this is not an issue anymore in the era of modern technologies. You may not see them in person, touch their hand, look in the eyes, share a glass of wine… But you can make a video call, basically from any place in the world. You can be in touch, and that’s enough for you.

Last thing is saying that getting away from home and family is exactly what you are looking for. You feel like you need a change–new places and new faces, and have no regrets about leaving your circles behind. Such an answer makes sense in many life situations.

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Tell us about experience at work you are most proud of.

This should be something you did for the others, not the prizes or accolades you got. Can be a situation when you went above and beyond for the customer. Or a situation when you suggested some improvement to this or that process, and as a result helped your employer to save money.

Hiring managers at United Airlines should get an impression that you enjoy such moments, and find some sort of personal satisfaction in them. Because when it is the case, you will find it natural to go above and beyond for the customer, and to make sure they enjoy their experience with the company.

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Describe a time you had a disagreement with one of your colleagues.

For sure you’ve experienced your fair share of conflicts, and certainly they had all kinds of outcomes. For your interview, however, you should pick a conflict that you managed to pacify quickly, one which did not escalate into something bigger. Because you cannot afford big conflicts in the skies, being responsible for the safety of the passengers.

What’s more, you should pick a conflict about some professional issue. Maybe you had a different opinion on a way something should be done, or disagreed about a way how to solve a problem. Instead of letting the conflict escalate, however, you discussed things in a calm way, and eventually came to a compromise.

Do not talk about personal or destructive conflicts, for example when you blamed someone for some mistakes (or they blamed you), or when you argued about some personal stuff.

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