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5) Explain what is Maven artifact?

Usually an artifact is a JAR file which gets arrayed to a Maven repository. One or more artifacts a maven build produces such as compiled JAR and a sources JAR.

Each artifact includes a group ID, an artifact ID and a version string.

ant interview questions guru99

3) Mention what is Selenium 0?

Selenium 3.0 is the latest version of Selenium. It has released 2 beta versions of selenium 3.0 with few of the below changes:

Here are few new features added to Selenium 3.0

Beta 1 updates Beta 2 updates (Only for Java)
  • Minimum Java version is now 8+
  • System property webdriver.gecko.driver now forces the server in marionette or legacy firefox driver mode, ignoring any related Desired Capability
  • It will support for Firefox Via Mozilla’s geckodriver
  • Grid fixes NPE’s on registration when -browser not specified
  • Support for Edge is provided by MS
  • It now supports Safari on MacOS via Apple’s own Safari driver
  • Update GeckoDriver –port argument in all bindings

41)  Explain using Webdriver how you can perform double click?

You can perform double click by using

  • Syntax- Actions act = new Actions (driver);
  • act.doubleClick(webelement);
  • 73) What is selenium RC (Remote Control)?

    Selenium IDE have limitations in terms of browser support and language support. By using Selenium RC limitation can be diminished.

  • On different platforms and different web browser for automating web application selenium RC is used with languages like Java, C#, Perl, Python
  • Selenium RC is a java based and using any language it can interact with the web application
  • Using server you can bypass the restriction and run your automation script running against any web application
  • 20) How you can use “submit” a form using Selenium?

    You can use “submit” method on element to submit form-

    Alternatively you can use click method on the element which does form submission

    How to Install and Configure Apache Ant on Windows

    Now in this Apache ANT tutorial, we will learn the process of installing Apache Ant on Windows.

    We are assuming that you have already downloaded and installed the Java Development Kit (JDK) into your computer. Make sure that the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set to the folder where your JDK is installed. Follow the below steps for installing Ant:

    Step 1) Download the binaries. Download the binaries from

    ant interview questions guru99

    Step 2) Unzip Files. Unzip this zip file to a convenient location c:folder. Using Winzip, WinRAR, 7-zip, or similar tools.

    ant interview questions guru99

    Step 3) Create an environment variable. Create an environment variable for “ANT_HOME” and assign the value of a variable to the location of the Ant folder.

  • Right-click on This PC icon.
  • Click on Properties
  • ant interview questions guru99

    Step 4) Go to system settings. Click on “Advanced system settings”.

    ant interview questions guru99

    Step 5) On system properties, Click on “Advanced” tab.

    ant interview questions guru99

    Step 6) Find out environment variables. Click on “Environment variables…” button.

    ant interview questions guru99

    Step 7) Create new user. Click on “New” to create a new user variable.

    ant interview questions guru99

    Step 8) Enter user details. Enter new user variable details

  • Enter variable name as ANT_HOME.
  • Enter variable value as C:apache-ant-1.9.14-binapache-ant-1.9.14bin.
  • Click on “OK” button.
  • ant interview questions guru99

    Step 9) User created. Click on “OK” button.

    ant interview questions guru99

    Step 10) Close the screen. Click on “OK” to close the screen.

    ant interview questions guru99

    You can verify for the successful Ant installation by typing “ant -version” command in the command prompt.

    You will see the following screen:

    ant interview questions guru99

  • Goto CMD and move to the dir where you have put the simplebuild.xml
  • Now write, ant-file buildl.xml Hello_World_Target. This should show us Hello World.
  • ant interview questions guru99

    Every build will contain three nodes:

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