Antigone Character Interview Questions


In this activity, members of your class or group will have the chance to interview the characters from Antigone.

STEP ONE: Each member of your class or group should write down a question they’d like to ask one of the characters in Antigone on a slip of paper. Questions could be:

  • What is more important: the family or the State?
  • Should the Ruler of the State be obeyed without question
  • If someone believes that a Law is unjust, should he or she obey it anyway?
  • Is it our duty to disobey unjust laws?
  • Should Antigone have buried Polynices?
  • Should Creon have made it illegal to bury Polynices?
  • Should Creon have forgiven Antigone?
  • Should Creon have believed Tiresias?
  • STEP TWO: Place the questions in a bag. Place a chair at the front of the classroom: this is the “hot seat.”

    STEP THREE: One by one, students sit in the “hot seat.” The other students choose three questions from the bag and ask the student in the “hot seat.” The student will answer the questions in the voice and personality of a character from Antigone (for a full list of the characters, click here).

    Once the three questions are asked and answered, the slips of paper are put back into the bag. The next student must choose another character from Antigone. No characters can be used twice until all the characters have been “interviewed.”


    HISTORY/SOCIAL STUDIES: “Hot seating” can be a wonderful “way in” to explore the lives and motives of historical characters as well as fictional ones! Using text and events from history books or social studies textbooks, interview famous historical figures!

    THEATRE/MULTI-MEDIA: Video tape the interviews. Have one character interview another in a back-and-forth conversation


    ENGLISH/LANGUAGE ARTS: Students will provide details of fictional characters

    THEATRE: Students will recognize and create a variety of vivid characters in improvisation, scenework and plays Advertisement

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    Antigone by Sophocles | Characters

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