Anz Bank Teller Interview Questions

ANZ Banking Group Interview Rounds and Process

It was 30 minute MCQ test based on 5Cs of credit and banking knowledge

Speak with facts and try to adding up your points

  • Q1. First they will ask your introduction Add Answer
  • Q2. They will give numericals to solve Add Answer
  • Q1. asking about derivatives? View Answers (1)
  • Q2. Be prepare derivatives mainly on Swaps, and options. Add Answer
  • Q3. Prepare equity and bonds and prepare about your pervious your previous profile. Add Answer
  • Q4. roles and responsibilities Add Answer
  • Are you comfortable working with large amounts of money?

    The temptation is something many bank tellers will face on a regular basis. Handling large amounts of money can be intimidating and, for some individuals, uncomfortable. Tellers will have to handle large sums regularly. You need to be certain they can handle it.

    Why did you choose our bank?

    Watch out for false compliments. You want someone who is honestly interested in working for your bank and can tell you exactly why. It might be a social stance the bank has, specific products it offers, a personal anecdote, or years of banking with the institution.

    Be wary of applicants who are trying too hard to please you, can’t name a real reason, or provide shallow answers. The enthusiasm they demonstrate in this question is the same enthusiasm you hope they’ll show daily at work.

    Name one ethical dilemma you faced in your last job. How did you handle it?

    You’re looking for an employee with strong ethical and moral character.

    Someone who won’t be tempted by opportunity or give in to bribes. You also need an employee who is willing to inform a manager about the poor ethical conduct of co-workers or even superiors. This question can give you insight into what the applicant views as morally acceptable and morally reprehensible.

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    Interview Questions for Bank Tellers:

    A bank teller’s job is repetitive and often boring. It takes a special type of personality to remain excited about this type of work and to carry their positive emotion into the workplace and to the customer.

    Tellers are, first and foremost, customer service employees. Look for an answer that shows commitment to providing a great customer experience and a strong interest in advancing within the bank.

    What banking products do you personally use and why?

    This question gives the applicant an opportunity to ‘sell’ you the products they use. If they’re passionate about a particular banking product, they may be able to sell your patrons on it, too.

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    It consist of 20 questions and no negative marking

    It’s not group discussion it’s one to one discussion on particular topic

  • Q1. Direct interview with technical team Add Answer
  • Q2. 5cs of credit Emi calculations Add Answer
  • Jobs at ANZ Banking Group

    anz bank teller interview questions

    anz bank teller interview questions

    anz bank teller interview questions

    anz bank teller interview questions

    anz bank teller interview questions

    anz bank teller interview questions

    BANK TELLER Interview Questions And Answers!

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