Ap1 Interview Questions Ireland

Assistant Principal Post Interview Questions – AP1 and AP2 Post Preparation

18 pages of sample interview preparation questions and answers for an Assistant Principal 1 or 2 post in an Irish primary school. These questions include ones I have been asked during my own AP1 and Ap2 post interviews, and questions that I have generated based on the most up to date “Looking at our School 2022, A Quality Framework for Primary Schools” and the PDST Comhar, middle management training.

A sample cover letter for both an AP1 and an AP2 post to include with your application is also provided.

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  • Katrina Guiney When I went for a post in my school, I didnt know where to start or what type of questions would be asked at interview. I found this very useful
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    The interview panel should be familiar with the provisions of the SNA scheme and the specific competencies and requirements of the post. What is the candidates understanding of the role – particularly in relation to how that role interacts with the role of the class teacher, the Special Education Teacher etc.? As well as assessing their understanding of the role in general terms, their knowledge of the specific care requirements of the post should also be assessed.

    What continuous professional development has the candidate undertaken to develop their leadership skills? Ask for examples of where they demonstrated their capacity to lead. In terms of leadership, it is important to ascertain the candidates understanding of the challenges of the role and the multi faceted nature of the position of principal.

    To what class will this teacher initially be deployed? What experience does the candidate have at this level & what can they bring to this role? Is it a Special Education Post? Is it a multi-grade class? If the candidate does not have the specific experience, ask questions that will elicit their understanding of the challenges of such a role?

    The following are examples of criteria from a cross section of recruitment procedures – Teacher, Principal/Deputy Principal and SNA. By clicking (or hovering) on each criterion, you will see points for consideration, when evaluating these criteria in the course of an interview. As prescribed in the Teacher recruitment procedures set out in Circular 0044/2019 and the SNA recruitment procedures set out in Circular 0051/2019, it is the responsibility of the Interview Board to establish the criteria for assessment of applications and for interview. The four Leadership and Management criteria for assessment in the appointment of Principal, Deputy Principal and all internal appointments are set out in the relevant procedures. By clicking on the title, you will see examples of notes one might take as “Aides Memoire”.

    How to Interview for a School Leadership Position | Kathleen Jasper

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