Apache Administration Interview Questions

41) What are the different flavors of Apache webserver you know?

IBM HTTP Server – known as IHS and often used with IBM WebSphere Application Server. Oracle HTTP Server- known as OHS often used with Oracle Weblogic server.

28) What are the log files generated by Apache?

There are two popular log files created;

Virtual Hosting in Apache allows you to host multiple websites on a single instance. You can either create IP based or Name based on virtual hosting.

35) What’s a difference between Apache Web Server and Apache Tomcat?

Apache Web is an HTTP server to serve static contents where Tomcat is a servlet container to deploy JSP files.

You can always integrate Apache HTTP with Tomcat, however, based on the requirement you need to choose either one. If you need a proper web server, then Apache HTTP else Tomcat for JSP-Servlet Container.

7) What do you mean by the log files of the Apache webserver?

we can access the log files of Apache server from the below location: /var/log/httpd/access_log and error log from /var/log/httpd/error_log.

11) How to start and stop the Apache Web server?

This is the most popular Apache Interview Question asked in an interview. Inside the Apache instance location, there is a bin folder, and inside the bin folder, there will be an executable script. We can use the below command in the bin folder via terminal: For start: ./apachectl start For stop: ./apachectl stop

4) How will you install the Apache server on Linux Machine?

This is the common Apache Interview Question asked in an interview. We can give the following command for Centos and Debian, respectively: Centos: yum install httpd Debian: apt-get install apache2.

43) How do you install Apache Server on your Linux machine?

Simply, you can use any package installer such as yum on (RHEL/CentOS/Fedora) and apt-get on (Debian/Ubuntu) to install Apache server on your Linux machine.

44) Can Apache be secured with TCP wrappers? No, It can’t be secured with the TCP wrappers since it doesn’t support libwrap.a library of Linux.

23) How to ensure the Apache run with non-root/nobody user?

This is doable by adding User & Group directive in httpd.conf file

The above configuration example will ensure it starts with “apache” user. You must ensure users exist on the server before configuring it.

31) How to put Log level in Debug mode?

Often needed when you are troubleshooting the issue and wish to capture more details. You can change the logging level to debug by ensuring the following in httpd.conf file.

27) How to secure a Website hosted on Apache Web Server?

There are multiple ways to secure the Apache webserver including the following.

33. What Type of IP is Needed for Apache Web Servers to Host a Website? Answer: The Apache web server can be used to host a website with a DSL connection as well as a static IP.

27. How to deploy war or JAVA applications in Apache? Answer: I am afraid, Apache is a Web Server, and Java-based application deployment is not possible with it. However, you can integrate Java application server like WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss where you can deploy war, ear files.

11. What’s the Major Difference between a Restart and a Graceful Restart of a Web Server such as Apache? Answer: In a normal restart, the server that was running is stopped and then started once more. In the process, requests that had not been executed are lost. On the other hand, a graceful restart allows Apache children to continue serving the current requests until they can be substituted with children meant to run the new configuration upon restart

8. How Do You Install the Apache Web Server? Answer: There are three ways of installing the Apache webserver. The first method is to download the source code and then to compile it. The YUM repository is the second avenue to follow when installing the server. If your server has an internet connection or an internal repository, use YUM to install it. Lastly, download the RPM command on to your server and use the rpm command to install the Apache server.

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Top 15 Interview Questions for Apache Web Server

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