Apex Microtechnology Interview Questions

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Apex Microtechnology leads the world in innovative analog and mix-signal solutions to serve a range of applications and industries:

Apex is the leading choice for motor control, piezo drive, and current control applications

Apex is the leading choice for analysis, surgical, imaging and cleaning equipment

Apex products are well suited for Commercial, Industrial, and non-compliant “M” grade quality applications

Apex’s product family of Op Amps and PWM Amplifiers deliver the maximum performance, cost effectiveness, and High Voltage demands of the industry

Part 1 – APEX Interview Questions (Basic)

This first part covers basic Interview Questions and Answers.

Answer: APEX is an object-oriented programming language and is a proprietary language that is strongly typed and was developed by Salesforce. It will be used to develop the products in Salesforce to perform transaction control statements and flow execution operations. The APEX’s syntax is similar to Java and can be used in web service requests.

Answer: The different features of APEX are strong and strict data integration to perform the execution of multiple queries and statements concurrently, strongly typed, which directly refers to the object schema to provide the value, easy to use syntax which was derived from the java kind of programming language, easy testing which will provide easier execution and test suite creation.

Let us move to the next APEX Interview Questions.

Answer: The different types of applications of APEX are to create different types of services such as email, schedules, triggering etc., creating different web services with integration of multiple systems and different services, performing validations on multiple schema objects and customized validation rules, creating customized business processes for the unavailable features.

Answer: These are the common APEX Interview Questions asked in an interview. The APEX architecture will involve an application server, data storage where the network will be connected to the internet, and the end-users and developer users will be involved in the different web server requests and compilation errors and validations. The platform application server compiles the source code into a sequence of instructions and will be interpreted by an Apex interpreter. The end-users will do the execution of the triggers. There will be no delay in the web service request to the application server platform.

Answer: APEX syntax has different features, such as a variable declaration to store the memory’s different values. The queries will be like SOQL, which will be used to execute the queries, loop statements to perform the iterations in performing the operations, flow control statements can be used to control the flow execution whether to start or stop the execution process, DML statements can be used to manipulate the data by executing the queries.

Our Products

Up to 50A Continuous Current Up to 2500V Supply Voltage

Up to 50A Continuous Current Up to 2500V Supply Voltage

Up to 200A Continuous Current Up to 1200V Supply Voltage

Up to 200A Continuous Current Up to 1200V Supply Voltage

Low Temperature Drift: 1ppm Low Noise: As low as 1.5µVP-P

Low Temperature Drift: 1ppm Low Noise: As low as 1.5µVP-P

Power Design Software Tool Download the Power Design Software Tool to assist with resolving key design challenges and calculations associated with power analog circuits. Download

Top skills recommended for Apex Group Senior Associate interview Insights by AmbitionBox

  • Fund Accounting
  • Private Equity
  • Financial Statements
  • NAV Calculation
  • Financial Reporting
  • IFRS
  • Finance
  • apex microtechnology interview questions

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  • apex microtechnology interview questions

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