Api Automation Using Postman Interview Questions

Postman Interview Questions

In this post, we see Postman Interview Questions. Before going ahead, don’t miss this general API Testing Interview Questions.

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Postman Interview Questions for Freshers and Experienced

The list below covers all the Postman questions for freshers and professional-level candidates. This Postman interview questions guide will help you crack the interview and help you get your dream job for software testing.

The Postman is a highly popular API testing tool that helps the development team create, share, and test an API. The Postman tool provides a GUI interface to the API and a command-line utility for experienced testers.

5 What do you understand about ScratchPad?

Postman allows us to work without a connection to its servers by giving us access to Scratch Pad. It offers the freedom of using some of Postmans functionalities offline. The features include sending requests, creating requests, and adding requests to collections.Â

State any 2 advantages of Jenkins.

  • It has huge plugin support.
  • It is built in Java and hence, platform independent.
  • It is an open source tool with great community support
  • It is easy to install.
  • It is free of cost.
  • Why does Postman only allow Base64 encoding?

    We utilise base64 because it converts data into text and sends it more straightforwardly, such as HTML form data. We can also rely on the same 64 characters in any encoding language.

    Write the command for running a folder in Newman.

    In Newman it is not necessary to run the complete collection to check just a bunch of request. This is obviously time consuming and not recommended. We can also run just a folder located inside a collection in the Newman. For running a folder in Newman, the following command is used

    newman run –folder

    In POST methods, what is a binary form?

    The binary form is intended to assist in transmitting data in a format that cannot be entered manually. These options are used for submitting large files in a POST request, such as photos, CSV files, etc. The most straightforward encoding for sending complex data with the request is binary.

    Why is it not preferred to save work in Postman cloud?

    Since company work cannot be disclosed and must be kept confidential, it is not advised or desired to save your work in the Postman cloud. Since Postman requires sign-in, saving your work there could lead to a security risk.

    api automation using postman interview questions

    What are the two ways in which tests can be written in Postman?

    In postman we can write tests in either Javascript method or Functional method. Although functional method also uses javascript but the syntax is different. Functional method is officially recommended and used method in Postman. It can also be noticed that all the snippets inside Postman are in functional methods only. It also has an inbuilt library which is Chai. Chai also uses functional method in a very beautiful way to make it more readable and shorter.(Refer tutorial)

    What is Chai Assertion Library?

    Chai assertion library is an assertion library which is installed beforehand to use in Postman. This is used to write assertions in Postman which are very beneficial. Chai assertion helps us write many lines of test code in a few lines which is both understandable and readable. Chai uses BDD approach which means that chai library has codes that are more user friendly.

    A simple code written in chai library which tests if number 3 is already in array or not.

    41+ Postman Interview Questions & Answers (with Notes) | Part 1

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