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Here are Project Manager interview questions and answers for freshers as well as experienced candidates to build a successful project management career and get their dream job.

How can web APIs be used?

Web APIs can be used to:

  • Implement RESTful web services using the .NET framework.
  • Help develop HTTP services to reach out to clients, including on browsers and mobile devices.
  • NET web API can be used with model view controller for any application.
  • Help develop ASP.NET applications via AJAX.
  • Enable developers to more easily build ASP.NET applications that are compatible with a broad range of clients, including browsers and mobile devices.
  • API testing analyzes an API to ensure that it meets its required security, functionality, reliability and performance. Testing is performed directly on the API or as part of integration testing.

    1 What is the difference between API testing and UI testing?

    With API testing, a mode of communication is established between two software systems so they can share functions and sub-routines.

    User interface (UI) testing, also known as GUI testing, is a method to ensure that the user interface of a particular application is functioning properly as well as to ensure that it conforms to its written specifications. UI testing tests the graphical interface of an application, including how users interact with the app. UI testing also tests elements of the application, for example, s, fonts and layouts. UI testing generally focuses on how an application looks and feels.

    What does A processes ensure?

    According to a dictionary, “A is a way of systematic monitoring and evaluation of aspects of a project, service or facility to ensure that standards of quality are met”. Thus, whatever ensures products meet customer expectations are part of A efforts. Ensuring quality of everything that goes into making a product and that no mistakes are made while making it ensures quality.

    QC procedures include inspections to ensure quality requirements are being met

    1 What does Scope management involve?

    Typically this process involves collecting requirements, defining scope, creating WBS, verifying scope and controlling the scope. The project scope statement, WBS and WBS dictionary defines the scope baseline. Controlling the scope process must minimize scope creep.

    Through the integrated change control process. Requested changes will have to be reviewed by a change control board. Only the approved changes shall be included in the document changes guiding project execution.

    4 What is the role of Isikawa/ Fishbone diagrams in determining root causes of risks?

    This is a graphical method of determining cause and effect relationships leading to a specific risk. One could then determine mitigation actions for that risk.

    1 What are the advantages of API management?

    The advantages of API management include:

  • Enables companies to make data-driven decisions via insights gleaned from API analytics.
  • Protects enterprises from security threats that affect APIs.
  • Allows organizations to produce detailed documentation of APIs so they can use them to inform users and attract developers.
  • Offers centralized visibility so companies can view all their API connections in one place. This decreases security vulnerabilities, reduces the number of repetitive APIs and pinpoints gaps that developers can tackle.
  • Enables enterprises to monetize APIs, track billing and share revenue with partners in real time.
  • Creates a positive experience for API users.
  • Improves API agility and enables new digital assets to be created quickly.
  • Allows companies to create agile, flexible, innovative and adaptable ecosystems so people, processes and technology can work together.
  • API management software offers a host of benefits, tackling issues like overhead, infrastructure and maintainability.

    SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is an XML-based message protocol that allows distributed elements of an application to communicate. SOAP can be carried over a variety of lower-level protocols, including HTTP.

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