Apoorva It Solutions Interview Questions

5 How should you deal with an underperforming team member?

You should deal with an underperforming team member as follows:

  • Informal conversation
  • Understand underlying cause
  • Offer help
  • possibility of role change
  • Replace the underperforming resource
  • How to handle a difficult stakeholder?

    To manage a difficult stakeholder:

  • Identify and manage them closely
  • Listen and understand what the stakeholders say
  • Arrange a meeting with them
  • Understand what motivates them
  • Make them understand your point of view
  • What is your strategy to deal with internal conflicts among the team members?Â

    Here, the interviewer is trying to understand your mediation skills and how impartial you are while resolving conflicts. You can explain why there is a necessity to listen to both the parties and understand both perspectives. Your answer should include how you convince both the parties to come to a conclusion that works best for the project at hand and delivers a win-win situation. Also, it would help if you communicate how you ensure that both of them are not benefitting at the loss of the other.

    5 Is maintaining a requirement traceability matrix crucial?

    The requirement traceability matrix tracks each requirement at every stage of the project development. It ensures that no phase closes before you fulfill the requirements. Additionally, you also avoid missing any essentials.Â

    5 What details should a project plan include?

    The project prepares the project plan. It includes details about:

  • Project execution
  • Project monitoring
  • Project completion
  • Scope
  • Cost
  • Estimates
  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • 2 What is stakeholder analysis and Power-Interest Grid used for?

    Stakeholder analysis involves compiling a list of all potential stakeholders who will be involved in some manner with the project.Â

    A power-interest grid aids in the classification of stakeholders based on their relevance and influence. These two aids in developing all-important stakeholder engagement strategies for diverse groups by outlining the positions of the projects stakeholders.Â

    6 How can an individual manage a challenging project?

    You can manage a challenging project by:

  • Sticking to the plan
  • Identifying the project scope, goals, stakeholders, and requirements
  • Picking the right people for the team
  • Managing time efficiently
  • Seeking help when required
  • Visualizing the result
  • apoorva it solutions interview questions

    2 What is the Pareto principle analysis?

    The 80/20 principle is another name for the Pareto principle. The efforts of 20% of the people produce 80% of the results. This approach aids in the prioritization of activities based on their significance rather than their urgency.

    3 How do you ensure you and your team deliver or exceed customer expectations?

    In a nutshell, the interviewer wants to see how, in detail, you’re able to succeed as a project manager. After all, meeting (or exceeding) customer expectations when it comes to project delivery is your ultimate goal. It’s important not to be vague and give a generalized answer; you’ll want to give precise examples and details about your process.

    Which was one of the biggest mistakes you have committed in your past projects? How has it impacted your approach to work?Â

    To err is human, they say. It is how you deal with the errors that define your skills. By asking this project management interview question, the interviewer intends to check your honesty and whether you take responsibility of mistakes you have made in your past projects. Rather than giving a ‘no’ for the answer, you can mention a couple of mistakes. Make sure you show that you take responsibility for the mistake as it is a way to reveal your maturity level. Also, you can explain how you had resolved it.

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