App Dynamics Campus Interview Questions

What in Appdynamics is an Entity?

An implementation, tier, node, or a business transaction are all examples of entities that AppDynamics monitors. Entities are typically linked to metrics, events, as well as a state of health.

2 How do servers or infrastructure monitoring work in the Appdynamics tool?

Users can find infrastructure problems in Appdynamics thanks to preloaded software infrastructure metrics and default health rules. In order to implement monitoring strategies tailored to the needs of the business and the applications architecture, users could also configure additional metrics. The data center benefits from Server Visibility in Appdynamics by adding value to the operation of the devices and networks in the users environment.

What is an Appdynamics node?

A node in the AppDynamics model represents a supervised domain controller or JVM in the application system. A node is the smallest component of the model environment. Depending on the agent type, a node may be related to a specific database server, JVM, CLR, PHP implementation, or Apache Web server.

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app dynamics campus interview questions

Microsoft Corporation Interview Rounds and Process

Online test 1 : Basic data structure and algorithms questions were asked.

Online test 2: Mixture of dsa based problems and mathematical problems were asked.

  • Q1. remove duplicates in unsorted linked list Add Answer
  • Q1. find intersection point of two linked list Add Answer
  • Q2. Question based on project were asked Add Answer
  • Q3. How are you fetching data through api in your project.And how machine learning is working in your project Add Answer
  • 1 What are all the possible actions or policies based on Appdynamics triggers?

    There are some action policies in Appdynamics that are based on triggers, Whereas the user is not present

  • Diagnostics are gathering information.
  • Email or SMS are used to deliver notifications.
  • Remediations, or the script for carrying out an action in response to any triggered issue.
  • Also possible are custom actions.
  • Using HTTP calls, a user can send requests to third parties.
  • Autoscaling, which aids in adjusting the number of the production server.
  • 1 In Appdynamics what is a beacon?

    The Java agent, also known as the Beacon, will gather the necessary information each time a publicly accessible web page is loaded in a browser. This information is then sent to the EUM service. After the Page Load Incident (last page life cycle event) has finished, Beacon gathers all information regarding the web browser user query when opened via a browser and sends it to the EUM service. In your applications browser, Controller would then download the above data and display a page.

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  • Capital Market
  • Investment Banking
  • mortgage
  • Derivatives
  • Finance
  • Financial Services
  • Fixed Income
  • Fund Accounting
  • app dynamics campus interview questions

    Questions on profit loss., speed & time., and basic maths., 25 questions with negative markings as well 17 needed to pass the test.

  • Q1. How do you manage if 2 or 3 or even more tasks spontaneously are assigned upon? View Answers (1)
  • Q2. Complete in depth knowledge of current org job role and work done till now View Answers (1)
  • Q1. How do you resolve conflicts with customers Add Answer
  • Q2. Say a customer is trying to misuse the purpose of work but benefit customer as well as your company., what will you do? Add Answer
  • Q1. Ok with job role? Shift timings., type of work? Add Answer
  • Q1. What are your salary expectations? Add Answer
  • Q2. Share details of your previous job. Add Answer
  • Q3. Why are you looking for a change? Add Answer
  • Q4. Tell me about yourself. Add Answer
  • AppDynamics Interview Preparation

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