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Process Management Most managers or supervisors are responsible for specific processes or activities. They are responsible for organizing the process or activity and securing the resources need to execute it, and they are responsible for measuring the results of the activity and providing rewards or corrective feedback when necessary. They are also responsible for changing and improving it whenever possible.

In exceptional cases, swimlanes may represent geographical regions. Processes, sub-processes or activities that fall within a given swimlane are the responsibility of the entity named on the left axis of the process diagram. (Some workflow tools represent swimlanes as vertical columns, effectively rotating the process diagrams 90 degrees. The distinction between horizontal or vertical swimlanes is arbitrary.)

SIPOC (Supplier, Input, Process, Output, Customer) An acronym used by Six Sigma practitioners to remind them of how to set up a high-level overview of a process.

Process Architecture Also Business Process Architecture. A process architecture is a written or diagrammatic summary of the value chains and business processes supported by a given organization. A good process architecture shows how value chains and business processes are related to each other and to the strategic goals of the organization. Some companies use the term process architecture to refer to the process diagram for a single process. We refer to that as a process model or process diagram. We often add business or enterprise to process architecture to suggest that it’s a high-level architecture of all of the processes in the organization.

What are Collaborative Tools? Tools like discussion forums, dynamic workspaces, and message boards that are provided within the BPM platform framework and are designed to remove intra- and inter-departmental communication barriers.

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Ans: To add additional information about the process artifacts allow the designers to enlarge the basic Business Process Model Notation in the process diagram.

Following are three types of Artifacts:

Ans: Data Objects are utilized to show the required data which is generated by activities in a process. A picture of paper crumpled at the projection in a Business Process Model represents the Data Objects.

Ans: During the business, process events happen, which is referred to as a trigger that impacts on process results. Events occur in the flow process( end, middle, or start).

Ans: In computer processes, various objects are collected and then processed together. But to contrast, in continuous processing objects are processed as early as possible.

Ans: To redesign the business process, various types of processes are measured. Majority of the organizations are seeking benchmark data processing to determine how other organizations are managing the data processing.

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Ans: Using ebXML business process language Business Process Management is created, and it represents the collaboration between the associates which are at the corresponding level.

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