Appium Interview Question

4) List out the limitations of using Appium?

  • Appium does not support testing of Android Version lower than 4.2
  • Limited support for hybrid app testing. E.g., not possible to test the switching action of application from the web app to native and vice-versa
  • No support to run Appium Inspector on Microsoft Windows
  • appium interview question

    14) Mention what are the most difficult scenarios to test with Appium?

    The most difficult scenario to test with Appium is data exchange.

    Question 1 List Out The Limitations Of Using Appium?

    When it comes to testing, especially webview-based apps, there are a lot of scenarios that can be tested also depending on the feature coverage you want to ensure. Appium is pretty handy for testing scenarios that users will go through when using your app.

    But, if you need to test more than UX simple interactions, then Appium will become a limitation. Think about features like keyboarding. It is not so easy when complex touch/keyboard mixed scenarios are involved, the probability of a false failure is high; do not misunderstand me on this: I am not saying it is impossible to do, just not so easy as you might think!

    Another little nightmare with Appium is exchanging data. When your test needs to exchange data with your app (especially in the incoming direction), you will need to play some tricks. So always consider that sending and receiving information is not that straightforward. It is not Appium’s fault, the WebDriver specification was designed for automating stuff, not exchanging data!

    Question 2 How Do You Test Patches Intended For An App Already In Production?

    We generally do regression testing of a relative module and mainly focus on the area which is related to the bug fixes as per the developer. This is because we cannot perform complete regression testing in a very short span of time. So, we just perform sanity tests on the rest of the application, but only for high priority devices. High priority devices are systems that are running the latest versions of the operating system.

    Name the test frameworks that are supported by Appium?

    Ans: Test frameworks are not supported by appium since there is no need to do it. All test frameworks can be used by Appium. Some examples are the .net unit test and NUnit. A test for Appium is written using one of the drivers so that the tests can interface with the appium in case of external dependency.

    What are the requirements to write Appium tests?

    There are certain basic requirements when it comes to writing Appium tests and they are:-

  • Driver client: Mobile applications are driven by Appium like that of a user. With the help of a client library, Appium tests can be written and these will wrap the steps of a test and then send it to Appium over the HTTP.
  • Appium Session: Appium tests take place within a session so it is important to initialize an appium session first. Once there is an end to the automation of a session it will be ended and wait again for the next session.
  • The desired capabilities: In order to initialize an appium session it is very important to design some parameters which are known as desired parameters. These parameters are platform version, platform name, device name, and many more. This also helps in specifying the type of automation that is required from the Appium server.
  • Driver Command: In Appium you have the facility to write the tests by using a big and expressive collection of commands.
  • Ans: Just like a selenium IDE playback and record tool, Appium consists of an inspector that is used to record and playback. With the help of this, you can record and play native application behavior which is achieved by inspecting DOM. It helps in generating the test scripts in any language that is preferred. But Appium Inspector is not good support Windows and they use UIAutomator viewer in the option.

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