Apple At Home Advisor Final Interview Questions

7 . Why did you leave your last job?

This question may be a little touchy for some people, but its a question asked by interviewers, to find out why you left, in order to better understand how you may or may not make a good fit with their company.

Remember, never speak ill of your old company (this will not go over well).

  • About YourselfMost likely, there are three possible reasons you left or are leaving your last job:
    • You are looking for a career change
    • You are unhappy with your current employment
    • You were let go.

    Whatever the reason, its best to always speak in a positive light.

  • About The CompanyBased on your research about the company and the position, what do you like most about the company?
  • About The FitIf you are looking for career advancement or a career change, you can be very upfront and honest. Be as enthusiastic as you can about the position. If you were unhappy with your previous job, focus on the positives. Talk about the ways that you will best fit in with the company, in the role for which youre applying. If you were let go, focus on the positive. Share your accomplishments at your previous employment.
  • Whatever the reason you are looking for a new opportunity, always turn things around to show how you are the perfect fit for the job for which you are interviewing!

    1 . How would you handle a customer with difficult behavior?top question

    People skills are highly valued in every company, and even so much more so in a company that deals with difficult customers occasionally. It is important to show how you can manage difficult personalities.

  • About YourselfLook back on your experience. Have you worked with a difficult or disruptive person? Remember how you diffused the situation and how you turned things around.
    • Do you have certain principles, or methodology, to deal with difficult people?
    • Do you have strong people skills, are you good at conflict resolution?
    • Are you high on emotional intelligence? Can you give an example?
  • About The Company
    • What have you found about the company and its culture?
    • What have you learned about how the employees value each other?
    • How do they treat their customers?
    • Knowing their line of business or industry, what can be some examples of difficult customers?

    Do your research.

  • About The FitA question like this asked in an interview, may be an indication that difficult customers, or other difficult stakeholders, may indeed be something that you will probably encounter in this company, and it is important for the interviewer to know that you will be able to handle this challenge with good grace. If you can give an example of how you handled a difficult person in the past in a situation similar to what this company may require from you, this will strongly increase your chances of showing yourself as a good fit.
  • One methodology for diffusing a difficult situation is called “the triple A” approach:

  • Acknowledge – what the other person is feeling,
  • Apologize – for the way the other person is feeling,
  • Admit – that there was an issue that you are working on to get it resolved.
  • If it is a customer, it would add that extra touch if you added another “A” to your approach by Asking for the customers contact information so you can update them of any progress on their issue.

    Take a quick quiz and check if you’re ready to answer this question at your next job interview:

    Pick the best answer:

    AIf the customer is rude and obnoxious, answer in kind and show him that he cannot push you around.

    BListen carefully to what the customer is saying to really understand their concerns then repeat back to them what you heard to be sure you have it right, before attempting to help them with the problem.

    CTell the customer that he should have known that the sale is final and there is nothing he can do to renegotiate the terms of the deal.

    10 frequent non-technical questions for Apple At Home Advisor :

    According to our research, hiring managers looking to fill Apple At Home Advisor role ask soft skills interview questions 0% less frequently than for other roles.

    apple at home advisor final interview questions

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