Apple Core Os Interview Questions

Tell Me About a Time You Dealt With Conflict Between Design & Development

This question is designed to assess how you work with other functional areas and resolve conflict when it arises. You should choose an example here where you took charge of the conflict resolution process, and it resulted in a better outcome.Â


S – My team was creating a new beta mobile application for our clients. When we received the prototype and design files, there was a feature that would be incredibly time-consuming and expensive to build from a development standpoint.Â

T – Implementing the requested feature would severely prolong the launch of the application and, in many ways, was not necessary for the initial beta. So, to ensure that things launched on time, I had to figure out what we could do differently for the beta product.

A – I suggested a feature that would offer a similar benefit to the design team’s proposed feature but require considerably fewer development resources to implement.

R – We proceeded with my suggested feature and uncovered that only 3% of users in the beta test even used it, indicating that there was not a need for the functionality. Had we implemented the initial design proposal, we would have spent twelve times the time and money on implementing the initial request to uncover that users would not use it.

How to Prepare for the Apple Interview

apple core os interview questions

Hi Exp -> 9-10 Years TC -> 250 I have interview for Apple Core OS team. Can someone please help me with what sort of question areas are expected? Is normal leetcode style questions also asked?#apple #coreos

Tell Me About the Biggest Challenge You Had in the Workplace and How You Solved It

This question is open-ended enough to allow you to brag on your biggest accomplishment or a project you are most proud of. Your response to this question should showcase your ability to come up with creative solutions to complex problems and execute them effectively.Â


S – In my position at Facebook, on the business platform team, we uncovered that business engagement on the app was declining. There had been a 4% decrease in total posts contributed from businesses year over year.

T – I was in charge of finding a way to increase business engagement on the platform.

A – I led the initiative to overhaul the business suite and create a seamless way for businesses to create content for their pages. I came up with the idea of implementing a feature for daily post suggestions based on national holidays and historical post-performance.

R – In the initial beta test, we uncovered that businesses that leveraged the new recommended post feature increased their total posts by 11% since the prior period. After rolling it out to all business users, the total number of posts from business users increased by 5%, counteracting the decrease and driving a lift in overall platform engagement.Â

Technical Knowledge (Coding and System Design)

The technical questions in Apples interview process are focused on coding. However, some candidates, especially higher-level ones, are also asked system design questions.

The coding questions cover the standard data structures, algorithms, and math. For example, Apple is known for asking about:

  • Data structures: Arrays, Linked Lists, Stacks, Queues, Trees, Graphs, Heaps, Hash sets, Hash maps
  • Algorithms: Depth-first search, Breadth-first search, Binary search, Quicksort, Merge sort, Dynamic programming, Divide and conquer
  • You may be asked to:

  • Determine the sum of three integers,
  • Merge overlapping integers,
  • Clone a directed graph,
  • Add two integers,
  • Merge two sorted linked lists,
  • Determine if two binary trees are identical,
  • Mirror binary tree nodes,
  • Find all palindrome substrings,
  • Reverse words in a given string,
  • Write an algorithm to find the largest sum subarray,
  • Complete power of a number calculations,
  • Find all sum combinations,
  • Search in rotated array,
  • Implement an LRU cache.
  • That should be easy for you, right?

    The system design questions asked during Apple interviews will vary depending on your experience level and the position youre applying for.

    Be prepared to answer system design questions about:

  • Operating large systems,
  • Failure detection and resilience,
  • Reliability, scalability, maintainability,
  • Data models and query languages,
  • Storage and retrieval,
  • Replication and partitioning,
  • Faults and reliability,
  • Consistency and consensus
  • Apple reportedly spends the most time on linked lists, arrays, string, and system design topics of all the technical questions.

    Interview With an Apple Engineering Project Manager (CoreOS)

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