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If you clear the prescreen, they’ll schedule the next technical phone interview, usually a week later. You’ll have one or two technical phone interviews, where you’ll be asked questions about your resume and a coding question on Data Structures and Algorithms. The Coding Interviews will be for about 45-60 minutes, where you’ll be given 30 minutes to complete the coding problem.

Read Technical Interview Questions at Apple to understand the type of tech questions asked at Apple Tech interviews.Â

Working at Apple is a dream for many developers, but preparing for coding interviews is no easy task. To make your life easier, we’ve compiled the top 30 interview questions you can expect during a technical interview with Apple.

We start with an overview of the interview process for software engineering and then break down the top Apple interview questions with in-depth code solutions and complexity measures. We’ll offer our solutions in C++.

Apple’s software engineer interview process differs from other larger tech companies, like Amazon, due to the number of interviews they hold and their on-site process.

Compare the value of the first two nodes and make the node with the smaller value the head node of the merged linked list. In this example, it is 4 from head1. Since it’s the first and only node in the merged list, it will be the tail. Then move head1 one step forward.

Start with first element e in the array and try to find such a pair (a, b) in the remaining array (i.e A[i + 1] to A[n - 1]) that satisfies the condition: a+b = required_sum - e. If we find the pair, we have found the solution: a, b and e. Now we can stop the iteration.

Apple Coding Interview Questions for Software Engineers

We have created a list of categories and the type of questions you can expect for each.

Software Engineer vs. Software Developer

These two terminologies are often used interchangeably. Though there are some similarities, there are some things that make these roles different from each other. Let’s look at the roles and responsibilities of a Software Engineer versus a Software Developer:

Now that you know what a software engineer is expected to do, lets see how you can grow in this role at Apple.Â


In Algorithms, you can expect questions related to the below topics:

Software Engineer Levels at Apple

Unlike other tech companies, where we refer to fellow software engineers using the terms “senior,” or “fellow,” every software engineer at Apple is referred to with the title “Software Engineer” along with a rank that reflects their seniority, as given below:Â

  • Software Engineer I
  • Software Engineer II
  • Software Engineer III
  • Software Engineer IV
  • Software Engineer V
  • Employees who join at entry-level are given the title “Software Engineer I,” and it keeps increasing as you progress in the role.

    Interview at a Glance

    The entire interview process of Apple for a Software Engineer or other technical post candidate can be divided into 3 phases:

  • Pre-screening with the Recruiter
  • Technical Telephonic Interview
  • On-site Interview
  • The pre-screen with a recruiter can take around one week. A recruiter will set up a suitable time for a phone call via LinkedIn or email. This phone screen will be somewhere between 15-30 minutes long and the technicality of the questions will not be mild. Some basic questions could be questions like, which one is your favorite Apple product or service and why? What drives you to work for and be a part of Apple?

    Your next technical phone interview is likely to be scheduled after a week. There will be one or two technical telephonic interviews. These will consist of questions about your resume and a coding question on data structures and algorithms. Each coding phone screen lasts for about 45-60 minutes, where 30 minutes are assigned for completing the challenge.

    The last stage is an on-site interview which is 6 hours long and you get to meet 8-12 employees of Apple. This part comprises behavioral analysis, domain knowledge test, and coding challenges where each interview lasts up to 45 minutes to 1 hour.

    apple gpu interview questions

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