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Tell me about a time you completely failed. How did you bounce back from it?

A behavioral question like this is a perfect example of when to apply the STAR method to respond. The interviewer will be listening for your level of honesty, integrity, resilience, and creativity.

Early on in my career, I was selected as one of the three tech liaisons to work with HR for a confidential layoff that was occurring within the IT and finance divisions of the company. Part of the management team conducting the layoffs was overseas, which required confidential transmission of information and documents. This was before cloud-sharing, so our communication was primarily by email.

We were up against a tight deadline to provide the proper severance communication documents, and I was responsible for submitting the documents to the team. I inadvertently sent the documentation to a name on the severance list instead of the hiring manager of that individual. Obviously, that was a huge fail considering the confidential nature of the communication, the fact that the individual was on the layoff list — it would be a huge blow for him to receive the communication ahead of time and by email.

Fortunately, I immediately realized what I had done as soon as I hit the “send” button, and I contacted my manager and the HR lead for the severance program. We were able to work with our IT network lead to retrieve the communication before the individual opened the email.

However, it was still a huge failure on my part, and I had to do the work to gain the trust of my team again. I took my time and practiced becoming more attentive from that point forward, and I did not make that mistake again. Eventually, I worked my way up and became a team lead for the IT department after a few years.

What is your favorite Apple device? Why?

On the surface, this question is straightforward. However, your response not only provides insight into how familiar you are with Apple products, but it also lets the interviewer know your level of enthusiasm for Apple and its products. Your answer can also provide insight into your knowledge of tech and how products function and work.

I do love all of my Apple products. I love their functionality and privacy capability when compared to other tech products and software. Though, when asked to choose, I would have to say my favorite Apple device is my Apple Watch.

It functions as my lifeline to my Mac and iPhone by letting me know when I might need to pull them out based on the real-time messages I receive without having to actually pull them out to check. Im able to stay connected to my work and personal life with my watch, which also increases my efficiency and ability to effectively manage my time.

Tell Me About the Biggest Challenge You Had in the Workplace and How You Solved It

This question is open-ended enough to allow you to brag on your biggest accomplishment or a project you are most proud of. Your response to this question should showcase your ability to come up with creative solutions to complex problems and execute them effectively.Â


S – In my position at Facebook, on the business platform team, we uncovered that business engagement on the app was declining. There had been a 4% decrease in total posts contributed from businesses year over year.

T – I was in charge of finding a way to increase business engagement on the platform.

A – I led the initiative to overhaul the business suite and create a seamless way for businesses to create content for their pages. I came up with the idea of implementing a feature for daily post suggestions based on national holidays and historical post-performance.

R – In the initial beta test, we uncovered that businesses that leveraged the new recommended post feature increased their total posts by 11% since the prior period. After rolling it out to all business users, the total number of posts from business users increased by 5%, counteracting the decrease and driving a lift in overall platform engagement.Â

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