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Topics to Cover for  Tech Interviews at Apple

The technical questions at Apple mostly consist of problems related to data structures and algorithms.

Describe the Software Development Process in Brief.

The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a number of fundamental phases that teams must follow in order to produce and deliver high-quality software. Software typically goes through the following phases:

  • Requirements Gathering: The team identifies, collects, and defines core issues, requirements, requests, and customer expectations related to the software application or service during this stage of the project. Generating software specifications, creating a thorough strategy, documentation, issue tracking, and project or product planning, including allocating the resources, are some tasks done during this phase.
  • Software Design: The team makes software design decisions regarding the architecture and make of the software solution throughout this design phase of development.
  • Software Development: Teams develop software solutions based on the design decisions made during earlier stages of the project
  • Testing and Integration: Software is packaged and tested to ensure quality. Quality assurance, often known as testing, ensures that the solutions deployed fulfil the specified quality and performance criteria.
  • Deployment: The software is installed in a production setting. The gathered, designed, built, and tested work is shared with the software services customers and users.
  • Operation and Maintenance: The software is installed in a production setting. The work is shared with the software services customers and users.
  • 1 What is Software prototyping and POC?

    A software prototype is a working model with limited functionality. The prototype may or may not contain the exact logic used in the final software program, and therefore is an additional work that should be considered in the calculation. Users can review developer proposals and try them out before they are implemented through prototyping. It also helps in comprehending user-specific details that may have been missed by the developer during product development.

    POC (Proof of Concept) is a method used by organizations to validate an idea or concepts practicality. The stage exists prior to the start of the software development process. On the basis of technical capability and business model, a mini project is built to see if a concept can be executed.

    What does a software project manager do?

    A software product manager leads and manages the software product management department. They are in charge of the software products specialization, goals, structure, and expectations. They also head the planning, backlog grooming, stakeholder management, and providing roadmap necessary to create the best software.

    What are the characteristics of software?

    There are six major characteristics of software:

  • Functionality: The things that software is intended to do are called functionality. For example, a calculators functionality is to perform mathematical operations.
  • Efficiency: It is the ability of the software to use the provided resources in the best way possible. Increasing the efficiency of software increases resource utilization and reduces cost.
  • Reliability: Reliability is the probability of failure-free operational software in an environment. It is an important characteristic of software.
  • Usability: It refers to the user’s experience while using the software. Usability determines the satisfaction of the user.
  • Maintainability: The ease with which you can repair, improve, and comprehend software code is referred to as maintainability. After the customer receives the product, a phase in the software development cycle called software maintenance begins.
  • Portability: It refers to the ease with which the software product can be transferred from one environment to another.
  • Apart from the above-mentioned characteristics, the software also has the following characteristics:

  • Software is engineered, it is not developed or manufactured like hardware. Development is an aspect of the hardware manufacturing process. Manufacturing does not exist in the case of software.
  • The software doesnt wear out.
  • The software is custom-built.
  • A framework is a well-known method of developing and deploying software. It is a set of tools that allows developing software by providing information on how to make it on an abstract level, rather than giving exact details. The Software Process Framework is the basis of the entire software development process. The umbrella activities are also included in the software process structure.

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