Apple Ui Developer Interview Questions

How would you recover from a situation of total failure?

Objective: To uncover key personality traits — resilience, integrity.

To answer this Apple interview question, describe a situation in which you could not fulfill expectations. Showcase self-awareness by explaining the reasons for your lapse. Explain activities you undertook to rectify the situation and how you worked at improving yourself to attain the required levels of competence. Highlight how you converted failure into a learning opportunity to achieve a positive outcome. Â

Apple Java Interview Questions:

  • Define the final keyword in Java?
  • Is Java pass by value or pass by reference?
  • Differentiate between swap and compare algorithm?
  • Can you have an empty catch block while programming in Java?
  • What are the key elements of the Java programming language?
  • 1 Explain the difference between inline, inline-block, and block?

    Block: It will always starts in the new line and fills the right and left horizontal space on the web page. It can add margins and padding to the page.

    Let us consider an example here:

    2. Inline- Element: These elements do not start in the new line. They appear in the same line. In this, you cannot add space to top and bottom paddings to the page, but you can add space to the left and right on an inline element. Examples of inline elements are span, strong, img tags.

    Let us consider an example here:

    3. Inline-block: In these elements are similar to inline elements, but padding and margins added on all four sides.

    Let us consider an illustration over here.

    Apple iOS Interview Questions:

  • What do you know about Cocoa and Cocoa Touch?
  • Which JSON framework is supported by iOS?
  • Differentiate between atomic and nonatomic properties.
  • How is app ID different from bundle ID?
  • How to achieve concurrency in iOS?
  • Behavioral Apple Interview Questions

    Preparing for behavioral or situational Apple interview questions should be a significant part of your interview prep. Let’s take a look at some of these questions:

  • Why Apple?
  • Have you dealt with a difficult customer? How did you handle it?
  • What is more important – creating a great customer experience or customer’s problem? Which one would you prioritize?
  • Explain an achievement you are particularly proud of?
  • How have you overcome failure, and what were your learnings from it?
  • Are you a positive person? What brings you down?
  • Tell us about an instance when you went the extra mile for a customer.
  • When you enter into an Apple store, what is the first thing you notice?
  • Apple Inc. replaces Apple Computers Incorporated as the companys name. What do you think prompted the change?
  • Other Tricky Questions that can be asked at an Apple Interview:

  • What is the best solution to figure out the highest floor from which an egg can be dropped without breaking it?
  • How many children are born daily?
  • If you are in a river, in a boat with a boulder, and the boulder falls into the river, how does the water level of the river change?
  • If, by chance, you get in the elevator with the CEO and you have 2 minutes to convince him to hire you, how would you do it?
  • How many rounds would it take to choose the winner among the 25 teams in a single-elimination tournament?
  • 2 What is the difference between HTML and XHTML?

    Html is a hypertext markup language where XHTML is an extensible hypertext markup language. Both languages are used to create web pages. XHTML is XML based while HTML is SGML based. Compare to HTML XHTML is strict and does not allow the users to get away with the lapses in coding and structures.

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