Application Insights Interview Questions

Knowing what’s happening together with your live web apps will build or break your client expertise. these days we tend to incessantly update and deploy our apps that are nice however it will generally end in performance or maybe functionality regression. we would like to proactively sight problems as before long as they occur and fix them before they begin poignant our users. Azure Application Insights will assist you to do this simply for any of your web app or services.

In this blog, I’ll offer you an outline tour of application insights & their core capabilities. We’ll additionally discuss however we will sight, sorting & diagnose all our real-world issues in our Web apps.

4 What is Azure Search?

Explanation: Azure Search is a cloud search-as-a-service solution that delegates server and infrastructure management to Microsoft, leaving you with a ready-to-use service that you can populate with your data and then use to add search to your web or mobile application. Azure Search allows you to easily add a robust search experience to your applications using a simple REST API or .NET SDK without managing search infrastructure or becoming an expert in search.

I have some private servers on my premises, also I have distributed some of my workload on the public cloud, what is this architecture called?

  • Virtual Private Network
  • Private Cloud
  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Answer: D. Hybrid Cloud Explanation: This type of architecture would be a hybrid cloud. Why? Because we are using both, the public cloud, and on premises servers i.e the private cloud. To make this hybrid architecture easy to use, wouldn’t it be better if your private and public cloud were all on the same network (virtually). This is established by including your public cloud servers in a virtual private cloud, and connecting virtual cloud with your on premise servers using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

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    1 Do scale sets work with Azure availability sets?

    Explanation: Yes. A scale set is an implicit availability set with 5 fault domains and 5 update domains. Scale sets of more than 100 VMs span multiple placement groups, which are equivalent to multiple availability sets. An availability set of VMs can exist in the same virtual network as a scale set of VMs. A common configuration is to put control node VMs (which often require unique configuration) in an availability set and put data nodes in the scale set.Want to upskill yourself to get ahead in your career? Check out this video

    What is the process of Azure Monitor Logs?

    Data that are retrieved from log analytics workspace by Log Query and is a read-only request are used in processing data and returning its results.

    4 How are Azure Marketplace subscriptions priced?


    Pricing will vary based on product types. ISV software charges and Azure infrastructure costs are charged separately through your Azure subscription. Pricing models include:

    BYOL Model: Bring-your-own-license. You obtain outside of the Azure Marketplace, the right to access or use the offering and are not charged Azure Marketplace fees for use of the offering in the Azure Marketplace.

    Free: Free SKU. Customers are not charged Azure Marketplace fees for use of the offering.

    Free Software Trial: Full-featured version of the offer that is promotionally free for a limited period of time. You will not be charged Azure Marketplace fees for use of the offering during a trial period. Upon expiration of the trial period, customers will automatically be charged based on standard rates for use of the offering.

    Usage-Based: You are charged or billed based on the extent of your use of the offering. For Virtual Machines s, you are charged an hourly Azure Marketplace fee. For Data Services, Developer services, and APIs, you are charged per unit of measurement as defined by the offering.

    Monthly Fee: You are charged or billed a fixed monthly fee for a subscription to the offering (from the date of subscription start for that particular plan). The monthly fee is not prorated for mid-month cancellations or unused services.

    How to monitor app performance with Azure Monitor Application Insights

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