Application Monitoring Tools Interview Questions

How can Dynatrace be used to boost performance?

You can find and address performance problems in your applications with the help of Dynatraces performance data. Using Dynatrace, you can pinpoint and address bottlenecks and slowdowns to enhance the performance of the applications.

What are some typical data sources that Dynatrace can use?

Although Dynatrace could indeed work with a wide range of data sources, some of the most popular ones are network data, log files, and software quality management (APM) tools.

1 How can you troubleshoot the issue if the application is down?

A number of factors can cause the application to go down. Here are steps that you can take to troubleshoot the issue with the application down.

  • First, check to see if the application server is reachable. Usually, applications will stop working if the server is down. In case of a server issue, tell the server team to troubleshoot the problem.
  • If any other problem arises, examine the deployment architecture of the application.
  • Alternatively, check the configuration of the application and fix the problem accordingly.
  • 2 Is there a way to resolve the P1 issue? How should we proceed if two P1 issues occur at the same time?

    The P1 status indicates a complete outage / significant traffic impact. It involves any failure of IT services that will lead to immediate and severe consequences in terms of corporate , financial losses, or loss of accreditation. For example, an entire website might be down or a critical infrastructure component may be down or its performance has been impacted.

    It is always critical to have the names and contacts of dependent services accessible so that they may be contacted right away in case of a P1 emergency. To rectify any issues, you must examine all configurations, and databases, and troubleshoot them appropriately. If two P1 issues occur at the same time, you must prioritize them. In that case, you should inform higher management and request quick resource allocation if both issues have the potential to affect business operations.

    As an application support engineer, what is the most important thing that you need to focus on?

    One of the main responsibilities of the application support engineer is to ensure that the system is running smoothly and that users can carry out their everyday tasks. Furthermore, they focus on data integrity as well, since the only way to make an application system healthy is to have accurate and reliable data.

    How can I stop Android debug builds from being collected by Dynatrace?

    To use this configuration in Dynatrace, we should create two unique apps. The production data is then separated from the development data (debug).

    1 What is the use of OpenTelemtry?

    OpenTelemetry trace ingest is supported by Dynatrace for automatic, open, and smart monitoring. Dynatrace offers OpenTelemetry metrics exporters for the programming languages of Java, JavaScript/Node.js,.NET, Go, and Python.

    You should install a Dynatrace server, which consists of a host and an agent, on your computer. It has a dashboard with all the information we need to diagnose our system in one place.

    Can you provide me with some instances from the real world where Dynatrace has assisted in problem-solving?

    Dynatrace could be used to track the efficiency of programs in real-time, spot problems and bottlenecks, and offer information to help programmers improve their code. It can also be used to track the effects of changes to infrastructure or code on application performance as well as to monitor the efficiency of individual server farms or clusters of servers.

    The Four Questions Every Monitoring Engineer is Asked

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