Applied Research Works Interview Questions

Behavioral & Cultural Interview Questions

Software engineer interviewers ask behavioral/cultural questions to evaluate interviewees soft skills, and also to decide whether the candidate is a cultural fit. Make sure youve prepared great answers to these interview questions.

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applied research works interview questions

1st round consists of both aptitude and coding questions. We are given different sections in aptitude section, and in coding section one question is given. Coding is easy level only.

  • Q1. Technical questions are asked based on programming languages you know and one question on the data structures or algorithms and to execute program on these read more Add Answer
  • Q2. Implement one sorting algorithm. Add Answer
  • Q3. What are oops concepts in java. Add Answer
  • Q1. It is technical round -2, it consists of almost all technical questions same as in technical round -1 and also some of the managerial round questions like hread more Add Answer
  • applied research works interview questions

    applied research works interview questions

    Lead Springboot Developer Interview Questions

  • Q1. Explain final, finally and finalize in Java? Where do we use final? Is String class final? In what scenario does finally not get executed? Add Answer
  • Q2. What are the different layers of Springboot application? What are the webservers that comes with Springboot? What is the default webserver? How to change thread more Add Answer
  • Q3. what are the different types of references in Java? When do we use them? Add Answer
  • Q4. Kubernetes, What are the different fields used in a deployment file for creating pod? What are the different ways of pulling s? Explain QoS for pods Add Answer
  • Q5. Kafka, How does kafka work? What are the commands you execute to debug if the messages are not received? Add Answer
  • Q6. Do you know java reflection? Can you write a program to explain reflection concepts? Add Answer
  • Q7. What is Inversion of Control? In springboot, how is a bean created, injected and resolved? Add Answer
  • Q1. When do we use inner class? What is the use case of static and non-static inner classes? Add Answer
  • Q2. Implement an Iterator for a custom object. Add Answer
  • Q3. Springboot, write a controller class for REST APIs. Add Answer
  • Q4. Kubernetes, When do we use statefulset? How is the storage mapping done in a statefulset? Add Answer
  • Q5. Java 8, Using streams search for a given string in a list of Strings. Add Answer
  • applied research works interview questions

  • Aptitude Test
  • Coding Test
  • Technical
  • Behavioral
  • + 1 more
  • 1-For Mendix They gave 6 section 2-MCQ question 3-40 minutes 4-If you are aware of Mendix basic concepts, it is easy

  • Q1. More or less like first round Add Answer
  • Q1. I was given use case, customer are ordering items then company representative have to manage records of orders, returns etc and by EOD need to send report tread more Add Answer
  • Q2. How you are going to implement in Mendix Add Answer
  • Describe the process you used for a recent project, from requirements to delivery. Does your team prefer using Agile or Waterfall? Any pros and cons?

    Language-specific interview questions are key to evaluating a candidates programming skills. Check out the questions that apply to your tech stacks and see if your answers are on the right track.

    Applied Research Works-COZEVA Interview Experience

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