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Its important to prepare for an interview in order to improve your chances of getting the job. Researching questions beforehand can help you give better answers during the interview. Most interviews will include questions about your personality, qualifications, experience and how well you would fit the job. In this article, we review examples of various commercial real estate appraiser interview questions and sample answers to some of the most common questions.

Interview Questions for Real Estate Appraisers:

Tests the candidates knowledge of the appraisal process.

3. Being an appraiser will allow me to understand every aspect of real estate. It will serve as a strong foundation for my career in the industry and could allow me to have a greater exposure to future opportunities. By developing the skills required to be an appraiser, I will be able to progress in my desired career path and also have a strong knowledge of CRE so I can start to build my own portfolio of properties.

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What is your education and/or professional designation in appraising?

The interviewer is asking for the appraisers credentials to ensure that the appraiser is qualified to provide an accurate estimate of the value of the commercial property. The appraisers education and professional designation show that the appraiser has the knowledge and experience necessary to properly assess the value of the property.

Example: “ I am a Certified General Appraiser in the state of Florida and hold the MAI designation from the Appraisal Institute. I have a bachelors degree in business administration with a concentration in real estate from the University of Central Florida. ”

What type of commercial properties do you specialize in appraising?

An interviewer would ask “What type of commercial properties do you specialize in appraising?” to a/an Commercial Real Estate Appraiser in order to gauge what type of experience the appraiser has. It is important to know what type of commercial properties an appraiser specializes in because it gives insight into how much experience they have and what type of knowledge they have. For example, if an appraiser specializes in appraising office buildings, they likely have more experience than someone who appraises retail properties.

Example: “ I specialize in appraising all types of commercial properties, including office buildings, retail centers, industrial warehouses, and more. I have experience appraising a wide variety of property types, so I am familiar with the unique challenges that each type of property presents. ”

This is another opportunity to show the interviewer what youre capable of so make sure to be prepared for this type of question. Have an example ready and make sure its an example of a suggestion youve made that was accepted and that have positive influence. If you can come up with an example that relates to the position youre applying for that would be even better.

By remaining calm, weighing out all my options and executing a plan to get the situation resolve .

This question is designed to find out if you get along well on team, with other and whether or not youll be a fit with the interviewers organization. Its a trap. Think real hard but fail to come up anything that irritated you about your co-workers. A short positive response is best.

If youre applying with other similar companies in a similar or the same industry, its actually okay to state that as it shows youre valued and wanted.

Think of 3 major achievements that youd like to accomplish in your job when all is said and done – and think BIG. You want to show you expect to be a major contributor at the company. It could be creating a revolutionary new product, it could be implementing a new effective way of marketing, etc.

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