Aptitude Interview Questions And Answers For Experienced

Please give me an example of a new idea or a change that you were responsible for implementing.

What was the impact of the change? How did you feel about the change? What was the most difficult thing about implementing the change?

We are all responsible for implementing changes at one time or another.

Please tell me about how you keep up to date with the latest thinking in relation to your work.

What sources of information do you use? What are some of the main themes you have identified from doing this recently? How has this changed your approach/your work?

Research and innovation happens so quickly, it can be very hard for us to keep our knowledge of latest thinking up to date sometimes.

Tell me about a time when you were faced with resistance to a change you were responsible for.

Where was the resistance coming from and why? What did you do when faced with resistance? How successful was your approach overall?

Sometimes we are faced with resistance when introducing a new initiative or a change to existing processes.

Tell me about a time when you took showed initiative and took the lead.

Why was it important that you did this? How did you approach taking the lead? What was the impact of your actions?

Whilst some people have been formally assigned positions of responsibility, there are occasions where we have to step up to the plate even when it might not be our job.

Tell me about a time when it was important that you monitored a plan to ensure it stayed on track.

How did you go about checking the plan was on track? How did others react to you? How successful were your efforts?

Whilst plans are very useful, it is also important that we ensure they stay on track.

Definition: Takes control and responsibility and sets direction. Exercises leadership and takes initiative. Supports and encourages others and facilitates their development. Responds well to people-related issues and provides appropriate feedback to others. Keeps others motivated and creates opportunities for them to be successful.

Give me an example of a time when you witnessed a colleague doing something that you did not feel was appropriate.

What did you do? How did you feel towards the colleague? What would you do differently if it happened again?

Sometimes we may be faced with people whose honesty and integrity operates at a different standard to our own.

Tell me about a time when you worked with someone and it increased your awareness of personal and cultural differences?

What was your experience of working with someone so different to yourself? How did this affect your relationships with individuals from different backgrounds than your own? What did you learn from this experience?

In today’s world, we often work with people from very diverse backgrounds.

What has been the most important new approach or method you have learnt recently?

How have you put this learning into practice? Tell me about what you now do differently as a consequence of this. What has this taught you?

Methods and approaches come and go and we have to be on the lookout for new approaches that can help us and our organisation.

Tell me about a decision you made that you later regretted.

Tell me about a decision you made that you later regretted. What was the decision and why did you regret it? What factors did you fail to consider or miss when making the decision? How did you get over the decision?

Sometimes our decisions don’t work out as we intended.

APTITUDE TEST Questions and ANSWERS! (How To Pass a JOB Aptitude Test in 2021!)

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