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APU has required an interview for undergraduate admissions for quite some time now. As admissions counselors, we frequently conduct interviews with our applicants. We often receive requests for tips and advice, and although there is no way to know the exact questions you’ll be asked, we’d like to share some insider info with you here. Here are the ins and outs of the APU interview!

Can the university support me on a bad day?

No matter how ready you are for college, you’ll need help on some days. “The reality of life is that it can be difficult at times, and the sun isn’t always shining,” Brown said. “You get a stomach bug, or the person you have a crush on doesn’t like you back. I think it’s really important to ask: does this university that I’m looking at have resources available?” Brown specifically recommends students ask about the physical and mental health resources available to students.

We don’t expect you to memorize any answers.

While it is good to prepare, it’s best to be spontaneous in your answers—we are most interested in getting to know who you truly are and how you think about things. It’s true that the interview will be your last chance to have a personal impact on your application, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. The most useful skill that you can work on in advance is the ability to put your thoughts together logically. You should share with us—not memorize—what you think the perfect answer would be. If you struggle with this or need some practice, our advice is to note down some key points you want to make during the interview, such as why APU interests you, what your passions and values are, etc.

Try to avoid making detailed written notes—just write down keywords. Then, practice describing those things to a friend, a family member, a teacher, or even an animal companion who seems like a good listener! If you are going to have the interview in a language that you are not a native speaker of, practice reading out loud. You can pick up a book passage, news article, anything! This kind of practice can be helpful to develop confidence in speaking and improve your pronunciation and vocabulary as well.

Don’t Worry! We’re not interrogating you!

Some of you may be picturing a dark, unlit room with no windows and a single spotlight shining as we stand over you, preparing to ask a barrage of high-stakes questions. In reality, the best word to describe the 20 minutes we’ll spend together would simply be “communication”. If I were to interview you, I might ask about your passions, topics that interest you, your values, your plans for the future, your hobbies, about social awareness, and academic matters.

We want to know what kind of person you are. You don’t have to pretend to be the person you think would best for the interview. Talk comfortably and communicate with us in a way that you can express yourself the most authentically. So don’t worry! Your interview should be like a fun chat as we get to know more about you!

Important But Rarely Asked College Interview Questions

College admissions representatives like Brown are ideal resources for prospective students. He encourages students to go beyond the common questions and ask ones that may be even more important to their overall college success. He points out three in particular:

大学面试心得分享&注意事项 University interview and precaution || APU Ritsumeikan 立命馆亚洲太平洋大学 ||【WanXiYOLOLIVE】

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