Aquicore Interview Questions

One positive outcome, however, is that it is serving as an accelerant for technology adoption and implementation across real estate portfolios.

Technology will also create more resilient building operations and allow real estate to bounce back more quickly in the face of COVID and future possible risks.

We are fortunate to offer a product that has surfaced the critical value of having timely information about a building’s energy and facilities in a time when rapid adaptation is most needed.

Embracing these mindsets and investing in building the right climate-conscious strategy for your portfolio will provide a lot of clarity around which technologies are the best fit for achieving your goals

European institutions partnering with Aquicore will have the benefit of a technology partner that is already built with the right experts, resources, and depth of experience to know how to serve the real estate and their needs.

Aquicore closed a $3.1 million funding round, led by global startup incubator and seed fund 1776. Offering comprehensive building energy analytics and process automation solutions, Aquicore has become known as a technology leader in real estate’s emerging Internet of Things economy. Aquicore offers comprehensive energy analytics and automation solutions for commercial real estate. An emerging […] To access this post, you must purchase

Robert: Honestly, I kind of fell into it. So I grew up on a farm right outside of Charlottesville, Virginia, and I was kind of like an implicit property manager in my mind. I grew up on a 300-acre farm, basically the only male there, and it was a horse and cattle farm. So once I graduated from the University of Virginia, I was like, ‘What do I do now? I don’t really know what to do.’ I was always interested in real estate, but I’d never really been around commercial real estate. Then, I kind of just fell into this. My sister recognized the posting on LinkedIn, I ended up applying, met with Bryan Sobonya [Senior Property Manager at LPC], and here I am, five months later.

Robert: On their first day… “How do you negotiate a service contract?” That’s a big one for us. “Who needs to get paid first?” That’s another one.

James: First off, thanks for taking the time to talk to us! So, how did you become a property manager and what do you like most about the profession?

Robert: I think diversifying. I think property managers do a lot more than they used to. What I do on a daily basis, especially in an owner-occupied building – I mean, I’m dipping into engineering, and security, and janitorial, and landscaping. I’m learning all these different elements of how a building works, because at the end of the day it’s just this huge organism that wakes up in the morning and goes to bed at night. And I always try to dip my fingers in different aspects of the building.

Robert: I think that was when we had some chiller issues one Saturday and my chief engineer came in immediately. So we have a data center, and all those servers were running hot and we had chiller issues, so we weren’t having cool air coming into the building. And of course, our chief engineer came here and, on the spot, he spotlighted the issue and fixed it. And it made my life easier, because I was a month and a half in and I was freaking out.

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