Are Customers Always Right Interview Question

What Does Customer Service Mean to You

When given the opportunity to work in the job of your dreams, it’s typically a good idea to start preparing for the interview immediately.

One common question many interviewers tend to ask is “What does customer service mean to you?” – Especially within a retail, hospitality, or service based business.

Follow along for techniques and examples on how to answer it properly.

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    Business is all about dealing with customers, and correctly answering this question will enable you to outshine the other interviewees.

    Customer service is the support and assistance an organization offers its customers before, during, and after a purchase is made.

    While person-to-person support often provides the best solution, chatbots and other self-service support techniques are a growing trend that help customers find their own answers.

    8 tips for answering “what does customer service mean to you”

    Interviews are usually highly tense environments.

    When you are asked what customer service means to you, it’s wise to start by sharing your personal customer service experiences. This will ease the tension in the room, placing the interviewers in your point of view.

    You should talk about what your best and worst customer experience’s have been so far. Doing so will give the interviewer confidence that you understand both ends of the customer service spectrum.

    Inform your interviewers how these experiences changed your approach to customer service.

    Explain how you think the business with the best customer service experience could improve. Moreover, tell them how the business with the worst customer service experience could perform better.

    Share Your Idea of Excellent Customer Service

    Good customer service keeps customers coming back to purchase a company’s products and services. Excellent customer service enables an organization to win its customers’ loyalty to the point where they are willing to support it through any challenge that arises.

    It’s no surprise that most of the businesses with outstanding customer service are also very successful. Share your idea of what excellent customer service.

    Is the Customer Always Right?

    “The customer is always right!” This is a common statement within the customer service industry.

    When answering the customer service question during an interview, it’s proper to bring up this statement as most employers have different thoughts on it.

    The most appropriate response to give when asked if the customer is always right is “definitely”. This is because the customer knows what they need, and the business exists to meet the customer’s needs.

    The customer is always right, but they might not have the best approach to finding the solution to their problem.

    Customer service’s role is to listen to the client, find out what they want, and figure out a way to provide them with exceptional service.

    Sometimes it may be impossible to get them exactly what they want. No matter the situation, it’s customer service’s role to ensure the clients are satisfied with the solutions they receive.

    Customer Service Should Exceed Expectations

    While most enterprises usually go for the bare minimum of customer service, your belief should be that customer service should exceed expectations.

    Customers should be amazed by the quality of customer service they receive, not left wishing you had done more.

    The easiest way for an enterprise to exceed customer expectations is to make customer service easily accessible.

    Moreover, you should comprehensively address the client’s issues and give timely responses. It’s best to take the approach of honesty from the very beginning.

    Explain when things might and might not be possible and what you are doing to address the problem.

    “The customer is always right?” Here’s what’s wrong.

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