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Planning to interview for a software or technical position? Refer to these tips and resources to help you prepare!

What, exactly, is a software or technical interview? Depending on the field and the position, these interviews may require you to

In addition to more traditional behavioral questions, a technical interview will cover your knowledge of computer science. Depending on the job , this could be coding, data structures, algorithms, systems design, big O notation, etc. Refer to your coursework to refresh your memory on the basics.

Types of questions asked during a technical interview and their purpose

Even though employers have already reviewed your resume and cover letter, they will want you to flesh that out during the interview to learn more about how you attained those skills. In order to assess your level of experience, they will likely also ask you to provide concrete examples from prior jobs. Make sure you are prepared—do your research on the company and the type of questions you may be potentially asked. This will help build your confidence level and reduce any nervousness you might feel. It’s also an opportunity for you to set yourself apart from other candidates by showcasing your knowledge and additional skills you can bring to the job.

It is important to be honest about your skills because that is something employers value. You may find the company will be willing to hire someone who is transparent about the areas where they need to improve and where they’d like to gain more skills.

Examples of technical interview questions to expect are:

  • What coding languages are you most familiar with?
  • What is your experience with Kubernetes with a specific example?
  • What’s the purpose of continuous integration in an automated build?
  • How have your previous technical roles prepared you for this job?
  • Tell me about a time when you received an unexpected assignment: how did you react, and what did the experience teach you?
  • Please provide more details about your educational background and how it prepared you for this position.
  • How did you go about teaching yourself a necessary technical skill while you were working on a project?
  • What are your strengths, and where do you think you need to improve your skills?
  • Do you have any technical certifications?
  • Please detail the work you did on the project you are most proud of.
  • What are your favorite and least favorite tech tools, and why?
  • What are the pros/cons of working in an agile environment?
  • Sample technical interview questions and answers

  • How do you stay current with your technical knowledge and skills? It’s a good idea to list online content you use to educate yourself, as well as tutorials and conferences you have attended to gain more knowledge. Perhaps you have also worked closely with vendors or attended sessions to learn about new product features.
  • How do you troubleshoot technical problems? Discuss the steps you take when you are answering a question. This will give employers a sense of how you problem-solve, and it provides a good overview of how well you understand the relevant concepts. Even if you don’t answer a question correctly, it will show the interviewer your process and reasoning, which are also important. You can mention resources you use, such as GitLab and Stack Exchange, as well as the developer community and any publications you read for advice.
  • What is your level of experience with the software programs mentioned on your resume? Describe how many years you have used the tools, your impressions of them, and bring up the companies you used them at, with specific examples.
  • What programming coding language are you most proficient in? You should discuss how you have become proficient in this language and why it is the one you are most comfortable using. You can also cite other languages you are familiar with.
  • Describe a time you made an error and how you resolved it. Don’t use an example of an egregious error since that may put you in a negative light. Be sure to emphasize that you took responsibility and acted with integrity, and did whatever it took to resolve the issue.
  • Do any of the managers actively program themselves?

    This question will give you insights into how hands-on managers are and what kind of support they’ll be able to give you with respect to the details of programming.

    If managers are the ones doing code reviews, it’s important for them to be involved in the code on a regular basis. Otherwise, the code reviews may not be that accurate or helpful.

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    5 Questions to Ask in a Software Developer Job Interview

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