Aries Chemical Interview Questions

Describe your experience working with chemicals.

Tests ability to work with ingredients.

Stage One: Application Form

The first stage in the application process is to complete the GSK online application form, which will ask you to outline your experience, qualifications, training and any key skills or areas of expertise.

The form will also ask several competency-based questions so its important that you take your time and adequately prepare your responses.

To complete your GSK application form successfully, youll need to check the closing dates, undertake research into the right programme that you wish to apply for and conduct a thorough review of the key competencies required for the role or programme that you are submitting the application for.

The application form consists of motivation questions’ or competency questions, which need to be addressed fully, with responses provided in around 300 words.

The competency questions typically include things such as your interest in working for the company and your career motivation.

To answer this set of questions properly, you will need to carry out some research. Start by thinking about what specifically attracted you to apply for a job with GSK. Perhaps it is the brands that they work with, the possibilities of international job opportunities, or their commitment to research and development.

Second, think about the values of GSK outlined earlier in this article and try to relate them to your own values and experiences. If there are specific products within GSK that interest you, write about these.

That could include, for example, recent product developments or health initiatives. Your career goals may also be another point you may wish to mention, where you hope to be and how you intend to reach your goals through employment with GSK.

The second competency question will often ask you about the reasons why you have selected a specific programme or area of the company.

Try to relate your answer to your key skills, knowledge and areas of expertise, and provide a practical example of how you can deliver results and contribute to the vision and objectives of the company.

As the GSK graduate programmes offer rotational work, you will get the opportunity to work in three different areas of the business. Talk about your interests and the different areas of the business that you would like to explore.

Also mention how your experience or academic qualifications have encouraged you to apply, whether you are looking for a customer-facing role or perhaps a more technical brief. It is important to relate your answers to the business area; discussing technical issues if you are looking to explore finance won’t produce the strongest answer for example.

Take your time to answer these questions properly. It is always advisable to draft them in a word processing document first and then copy them into the application form once you are completely happy.

How would you handle an accident or safety violation?

Conveys willingness to comply with rules.

Tell about a time when you worked with a team to handle a major task. What was your role?

Demonstrates the ability to work with others.

Our business strategy is to provide excellent application and technical services with the sale of both water treatment equipment and water treatment chemicals. This is a unique position in the water treatment field. At Aries Chemical, we believe that this unique position allows us to have better insight and knowledge on how to design, recommend and support our customers’ water treatment needs. This strategy means that Aries Chemical has the unique capabilities to provide long term technical services and operational support to our customers.

From wastewater treatment equipment and systems, to pulp and paper chemicals, coagulants for wastewater treatment and industrial cleaners and sanitizers, Aries Chemical offers wastewater treatment solutions. Our core expertise is providing our customers with the best technical knowledge to select and apply the right water treatment chemicals, water treatment equipment or process aids for their unique situation. Founded in 1985, Aries Chemical has a complete line of water treatment chemicals and water treatment equipment for industrial, municipal and institutional customers for wastewater management. We also manufactures and provide onsite support for process aids for pulp & paper and industrial cleaners and sanitizers for all industrial applications. Aries Chemical has chosen to provide our customers with best products at good prices with the application know-how that provides the lowest cost solution.

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