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Applicants are not expected to prepare for the MBA video essays and there is no “right” answer. Instead, the schools are hoping applicants who may not be a very good on paper will have a chance to shine and show parts of themselves and their personality that are not seen elsewhere in their traditional application.

As soon as MBA videos were introduced many applicants have been looking for MBA video essay sample questions and similar in order to have a chance to prepare for the MBA video interviews. The video component differs from business school to business school so see some more detailed information for the different schools that require video interviews, including some of the typical questions, below.

More info on MBA video essays and interview questions can be found on this Gmatclub thread

A Bit About Admissions Interviews ARINGO consultants are the top in the world!

Following the initial screening of applicants, most leading business schools invite candidates to the “second stage” of the admissions process – the admission interview. Approximately 30%-50% of applicants are usually invited to interviews. However, some schools, such as Kellogg, interview all applicants prior to submitting applications, as an integral part of the admissions process.

Usually, candidates can choose between on-campus or off-campus interviews. If the interview is conducted on campus, the interviewer may be a member of the admissions committee (for example at Cornell) or a student (for example at Wharton). Off-campus interviews are usually conducted by alumni.

Once you’ve submitted your application and paid your application fee, you will receive a link on your status page to complete your video questions and you’ll have a few days after the Round 1 application deadline to do so. When you’re ready, you will have the opportunity to complete a practice question first. I highly recommend taking advantage of this option. Beyond helping you get comfortable with the platform, completing this step also offers you the opportunity to adjust your microphone and camera angle after watching the recording of your practice answer. Feel free to complete the practice question more than once; the admission committee will not have access to your practice recordings.

Remember the video questions were initially developed as a replacement for a test of English language proficiency, which is why we no longer require any applicants to take the TOEFL, IELTS, or any other, similar test. The questions you will be asked are not brainteasers or riddles; rather, they represent another medium to get to know you better.

You will receive three video questions, to which you will have 60 to 90 seconds to respond, depending on the question. If you aren’t familiar with answering questions in this specific timeframe, this can be challenging, so when you practice your responses, be sure to time yourself.

For the first and third question you’ll be given 20 seconds to think about your response and then 60 seconds to answer. For the second question you’ll be given 30 seconds to think about your response and then 90 seconds to answer. Additionally, you’ll have time in-between each question, as you are in charge of selecting when you’re ready to move on to the next question.

Speak to your own experiences, successes, and shortcomings. Your story is very different from those of others we will see in the application process, and it is your story we are looking to learn about.

MBA Interview Questions

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