Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield Interview Questions

What sort of questions do we ask

The questions we ask will depend on the skills and behaviours required for the role you are applying for. For example, we might ask you:

  • Tell me about an occasion when you had to complete a task under a tight deadline
  • Tell me about a time when your communication skills improved a situation
  • Give me an example of a challenge you faced in the workplace and tell me how you overcame it
  • The skills and behaviours required for a role are in the job description. Make sure you read them carefully before you submit your application.

    Example: “I’ve always been interested in continuing education courses. I took several online classes while working at my previous job, and they were very helpful for expanding my knowledge of health insurance. I also think it’s important to attend conferences and seminars because they allow me to meet other professionals who can help me grow as an employee.”

    Example: “I want to work at Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield because I am passionate about helping people live healthier lives. In my last role as a nurse, I saw many patients who were struggling with chronic illnesses, which inspired me to pursue a career in healthcare. Working here would allow me to use my nursing skills while also providing support to customers.”

    Example: “The most challenging part of working in healthcare is when patients are unhappy with their care. I always strive to make sure that my patients have a positive experience at our office, so if they’re not happy, it’s upsetting for me. In these situations, I try to find out what went wrong and learn from it so I can prevent similar issues in the future.”

    Example: “In my previous position, I worked on a team of five people who were all responsible for different aspects of our department’s social media accounts. We met once a week to discuss what we accomplished during the week and any issues or questions we had about our tasks. This was an important part of my job because it allowed me to learn from other members of the team and ask them questions if I needed help.”

    Example: “I’ve been involved in several projects where there was conflict. In my last position, I worked on a team that had two members who didn’t get along very well. The project manager asked me to help mediate between them because they were both highly qualified for their positions. I met with each person separately and helped them understand why the other person was valuable to the team. They eventually became friends and resolved their differences.”

    What to expect in an interview

  • Well tell you more about the role
  • Well ask you set questions relevant to the job
  • Each question will be focused on a specific skill
  • Your answers will be compared against pre-determined criteria
  • Youll have a chance to ask us any questions
  • The hiring process at Blue Cross and Blue Shield involves several steps, including an online interview, an assessment, and on-site interview(s). The hiring process at Blue Cross and Blue Shield can take between three to six weeks.

    If the hiring manager likes what they see, they will send you a link to complete an online interview. The online interview is completely automated. You will need to use a webcam and answer questions that appear on the screen. The questions will be related to why you want to work at Blue Cross and Blue Shield and the position in particular.

    Blue Cross and Blue Shield uses behavioral and situation-based questions to help them understand the way you solve problems and meet challenging situations.

    To apply, go to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield career website. Locate the job that you wish to apply for. Next, you will be asked to upload your resume and fill out some basic questions. Once you click “Submit Now,” you will be asked to either log in if you have previously created a profile or create an account by registering with your email.

    During the interview, anticipate having several people in attendance, including the hiring manager, potential coworkers or teammates, and someone from the talent acquisition team. Depending on the position, interviews may take a few hours.

    Insider Interviewing Tips: Presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield

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