Army Cadet Interview Questions

What is your greatest strength?

This might seem like a no-brainer question to answer, but be careful. Dont use this as an opportunity to soapbox about how wonderful you are; pick a specific ability or skill that relates to the job youre applying for and talk about it. This is one of the easiest times during an interview to sell yourself, so hit the sweet spot of playing up your strengths without boasting. Describe what your greatest skill is, and then pick two or three examples that depict it in action.

Describe a difficult work situation or project and how you overcame it.

Similar to answering “how do you handle stress and pressure,” this is an opportunity to talk about your problem solving abilities. This question is best answered with a focus on a single example since thats what the question is asking for. Start by setting up the situation, then talk about how you solved it. Cap off your answer with a short and sweet explanation of your thought process, goals, and problem-solving method.


The next Army interview question we strongly advise you prepare for is, ARE YOU THE TYPE OF PERSON TO GET HOMESICK?

TIP: Again, this question is highly likely to come up during your Army interview.

In your answer, talk about how you have prepared yourself mentally for being away from home, and don’t forget to mention any experiences you have where you have already experienced time away from your home comforts.

Here’s another great example answer to help you:

Are You The Type Of Person To Get Homesick? example answer:

“I don’t underestimate what it will be like in a new environment, being away from home, but I have been preparing myself for the transition.

I think I already have a good level of mental strength to deal with the challenges that will come my way. In fact, I’m actually looking forward to leaving home, and I am excited about the experiences the Army will give me.

Last year, I spent three weeks away from home on an expedition with friends, and didn’t want to go back home once the trip had ended.

I don’t believe I will get homesick, but if I do, I will be able to deal with my feelings and emotions, and rise above them.”


The first Army interview question we suggest you prepare for is, WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN THE ARMY?

TIP: This question is guaranteed to come up during your Army interview.

In your answer, talk about the benefits a career in the British Army will give you, and what you hope to get from your career.

Here’s our example answer to help you…

Why Do You Want To Join The Army example answer:

“I want to join the Army for several reasons. The first reason is, because I believe a career in the Army will give me discipline, organisation, and preparedness. These are essential qualities needed to succeed in life.

I want to join the Army because I want to do something productive with my life. I believe I have the potential to be successful, and having held an interest in the Army for a number of years now, I feel it is a career that is suited to my traits and aspirations.

Finally, I want to join the Army because I will be constantly pushed and challenged, I will get to work alongside other ambitious people, and I will be trained by the best.”

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