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The first Army interview question we suggest you prepare for is, WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN THE ARMY?

TIP: This question is guaranteed to come up during your Army interview.

In your answer, talk about the benefits a career in the British Army will give you, and what you hope to get from your career.

Here’s our example answer to help you…

Why Do You Want To Join The Army example answer:

“I want to join the Army for several reasons. The first reason is, because I believe a career in the Army will give me discipline, organisation, and preparedness. These are essential qualities needed to succeed in life.

I want to join the Army because I want to do something productive with my life. I believe I have the potential to be successful, and having held an interest in the Army for a number of years now, I feel it is a career that is suited to my traits and aspirations.

Finally, I want to join the Army because I will be constantly pushed and challenged, I will get to work alongside other ambitious people, and I will be trained by the best.”

Army Interview Questions (& Top-Scoring Answers!)

In this guide, we will look at a list of the most common Army Interview Questions used in the British Army’s recruitment process. This guide will also provide you with top-scoring answers to those Army interview questions to help you pass your interview!

What Do You Know about the British Army?

This question will tell the interviewer if you took the time to find out about your potential recruiter. It also reveals your interest in the British army, an entity that requires devotion and discipline. Make sure that whatever you mention is factual.

Sample Answer

The British Army was founded on 1st January 1660. It is the mainland force of the United Kingdom and part of the British Armed Forces. Its Commander-in-chief at the moment is Queen Elizabeth II. It consists of over 80,000 regular full-time personnel and 30,000 reserve staff, making it one of the largest armies worldwide.

How Do You Keep Fit?

You have to be fit if you want to stay in the army. Being in shape means that you are flexible enough and ready for action at all times. It is also easier to train someone fit. Mention any sporting or fitness activities that you take part in.

Sample Answer

I played rugby up to the national levels while in college. It helped me gain mass and keep fit. At the moment, I exercise 5 times a week. I have managed to maintain this physique and body weight for the last five years. I was also a gym attendant at one point, which gave me ample time to work on my body. I value fitness and will be more than prepared to keep improving.

Tell Us about the Requirements of Joining the British Army?

Do you know what it takes to qualify for a position with the army? Mention any skills, age requirements or physical traits that one must have to be an army officer.

Sample Answer

To join the British army, one must be a British citizen of between 16 and 49 years. Other requirements include zero medical issues, no criminal convictions, zero offensive piercings and tattoos, health and fitness as well as a basic level of education.

1 What is Your Greatest Strength?

Even though this seems like a no-brainer question, be careful. Do not use this as a chance to go all proud about yourself but pick a skill or ability that relates to the job you are interviewing for. Sell yourself without boasting and convince the interviewer that you have what it takes.

Sample Answer

I am a person of high integrity. I always want everybody around to trust me and feel safe and secure. I believe that this is one of the values of the British army, and therefore, I am in a better position to uphold it since it guides all my operations and decisions. ( Be detailed. Explain to the interviewer how the strength is relevant to the job you are interviewing for)

Army Interview Questions and Answers

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