Army Surface Maintenance Mechanic Interview Questions

Interview Questions for Maintenance Mechanics:

Shows the candidates knowledge and ability to operate various power tools.

Can you describe a situation in which safety at work was an issue?

Reveals the candidates knowledge of and commitment to safety regulations.

Illustrates the candidates skills and suitability for the work of a maintenance mechanic.

3) Mention what are the challenges that maintenance and repair work usually face?

  • Unusual working condition like bad weather or low temperature
  • May have to work in an unusual shift
  • May have to work in a messy area
  • May sometimes be physically distressing and exhausting
  • May have to work in dangerous places like working at height or working with electrical appliances and wires
  • 10) What does the carpentry maintenance worker do?Carpentry maintenance worker does many things like

  • Assist in measuring, marking and arranging materials according to blue-print
  • Cuts and shapes materials such as wood, fiberglass and drywall manually as well as with power tools
  • Assists with the repairing and constructing miscellaneous items of the wooden structure
  • Assisting with replacing of floors, wall sidings, doors, etc.
  • Installation of partitions, doors and walls
  • Assisting with the erection of scaffolding
  • Inspect wooden structure and build forms for pouring concrete
  • 9) What are the factors that can lead to the psychological risks and stress?Psychological risk arises from

  • Excessive workloads
  • Psychological harassment by third party
  • Conflicting demand and lack of communication
  • Lack of role clarity
  • Lacking decision-making skill
  • Poorly managed organization
  • Working in overtime
  • 7) How can one become a general maintenance worker?To become general maintenance worker the individual should learn some basic skills in high school or technical classes, community college or postsecondary trade of vocational schools. Student aspire to become maintenance worker can also observe and learn maintenance skill.

  • Respirator or welders mask: Use mask or respirators as per your projects, match the filter to the types of metals and coatings used
  • Ventilation: Welding area should have proper ventilation; improper ventilation can cause “plume poisoning.”
  • Clean and tidy area: Make sure the area you working is clean and check for any leaks
  • Storage: Flammable substance should be kept in a proper storage locker
  • Eye protection: Eye protection can protect against injuries due to debris and the effects of the ultraviolet light
  • Fire protection: The sparks from welding can set fire, proper fire extinguisher should be kept in reach of the welding area
  • Protective clothing: Body parts like hands and legs should be a cover with protective and clothes which can bear heat and spark emitted from the welding
  • 6) What care has to be taken care when doing gas welding?While doing gas welding worker should

  • Should wear proper protective before doing gas welding
  • Valve protection caps should be in a secured place
  • When cutting is done, they should be secured on a pallet or springboard
  • Cylinder should be transported in a vertical situation
  • For lifting cylinders, valve protection caps shall not be used for lifting from one vertical position to another
  • Oxygen and fittings shall be kept away from oil or grease
  • Any faulty or defective equipment should be reported to the supervisor
  • 5) Mention what are the precaution measures taken by the repair and maintenance worker at working site?The precaution measures taken at the working site is

  • Overhead and side clearances are adequate to permit the safe operation of the lift truck
  • Aisles, floors and passageways should be kept clear and free of hazards
  • To avoid the accumulation of vapours from the refueling and operation of its lift trucks, workplace should be adequately ventilated
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