Arrow Electronics Oracle Apps Interview Questions

4 Which table you will query to check the tablespace space issues?

bytes column in dba_free_spaces and dba_data_files

1 What is a one-off patch?

A one-off patch is a small patch of (20-90K size) without any pre-req’s

4 How autoconfig will create env and configuration files?

Autoconfig will go to each and every top template directory take the templates from there and fill the values from the XML file and create the required files.

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2 While applying an application patch is that necessary that your database and listener should be up?

Yes. why because adpatch will connect to the database and update so many tables etc…..

4 What is a context file?

Context file is a central repository, which stores all application configuration information. The name is like _ .xml

1 What is a Maintenance pack?

A maintenance pack will upgrade applications from one version to another like 11.5.8 to 11.5.9

Learn Managing Oracle Database Control File

How you will see hidden files in Linux/Solaris?

The top is an operating system command, it will display the top 10 processes that are taking high CPU and memory. 8. What is a patch? A patch can be a solution for a bug/it can be a new feature.

4 Which table you will query to check the temp tablespace space issues?

Temp tablespace is used by so many application programs for sorting and other stuff. Its size is between 3 to 10 GB.

Autoconfig is a utility that is used to maintain the application environment and configuration files.

How you apply a patch?

A patch will create FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES and AD_DEFERRED_JOBS table when it will apply d,g, and u drivers

I am applying a patch, can I open another session in another node and run adpatch?

No, because it will create tables while running the first session when you start the 2nd session it will fail due to the first

What are the latest ORA errors you have encountered?

Usually, we will get the ORA errors like unable to extend the tablespace by so and so size. And we will check those tablespaces for space, if space is not there we will resize the data file and add one more datafile.

Oracle Apps DBA Interview Questions and Answers For Experienced

With every patch a file called b.ldt file will be delivered which contains the pre-req information. adpatch load this into the database using FNDLOAD and check, whether those pre-req patches were applied or not.

FNDLOAD is a utility that is similar to SQL loader but loads code objects into the database, whereas SQL LOADER loads data objects into the database.

C-drive copies the files from the patch unzipped directory to the required location in your application file system. Before copying it will check the file version of the existing file at the file system with the file version of the file in the patch. If the patch file version is higher than what it is at the file system level then only the c-driver will copy that files.

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