Arseal Technologies Interview Questions

7 Top Interview Questions for IT

  • How do you keep your relevant skills up-to-date? This question will evaluate the scope of their knowledge on a subject and allow you to create a time frame of their use of applicable talents.
  • What challenges would you foresee for yourself with this position, if you were hired? While allowing insight into their concerns with the role, this also serves the secondary purpose of seeing how much research they have committed to in preparation for this interview.
  • What were some of your favorite and least favorite aspects about your previous role? We would attempt to use this question in a purposefully vague manner since it can uncover potential issues in their fit to your organization (even the ones that aren’t about the role itself!).
  • Explain how you would react to this situation: You have found a bug in our software that no one else had found during their own testing, what would you do next? Primarily, this question serves the purpose of insight into their motives (tell a co-worker or go straight to the boss?) but the bonus of their reaction to peculiar situation such as this makes this a strong tool in your interview arsenal.
  • What technology products/languages are you most passionate about and why? Asking about their favorite technologies (hopefully, they are included in the job description) as well as what they could offer for you outside of the position’s relevant technology.
  • What are some of the hot trends in the IT industry and how/do they affect you? This will provide knowledge of the industry and a chance to understand where their head is at concerning their career with the second part of the question.
  • What project are you most proud of and what was your individual contribution to said project? This questions also grants a plethora of hiring information as it serves several purposes. First, it allows for the most insightful technical evaluation; past performance. Second, it showcases their strengths by which they are most proud of and their weaknesses by what aspects were done by other colleagues. Finally, it can help you assess their credibility, as you may be able to tell what they did and did not do for a project by their explanation of the tasks necessary to complete it.
  • While these top interview questions for IT can assist you in evaluating a candidate, we believe that you should take your time in assessing one’s fit with your organization. This can be accomplished by asking questions that are tailored specifically to your company or to the position itself. For more help with your interview process, contact us at [email protected] to receive some top-tier information on evaluating potential employees.

    So, you’ve secured a technical interview!

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  • 1 What is the Master-Detail relationship?

    This Master-Detail relationship is the same as the relationship between a parent & child. In this aspect, the master is treated as Parent, and the Detail is a child. The master Object takes control of the behavior of the Detail object. The survival of the child is dependent on the parent because if the Master gets deleted the Detail will also automatically get deleted. You can create Roll-up summary fields in master records which helps in calculating the Min, Avg, Sum of the child records.

    4 Can we change the license when we create a profile?

    No, we cannot change the license when we are creating the profile.

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