Arterys Interview Questions

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    6. Pulmonary vein carries blood to _________ a) Right atrium b) Left atrium c) Aorta d) Lungs View AnswerAnswer: b Explanation: Pulmonary vein carries blood from lungs to heart. It drains into the left atrium.

    This set of Human Anatomy Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced people focuses on “Portal System, Pulmonary & Systemic Veins”.

    8. _______ circulation takes blood from heart to lungs and back. a) Systemic b) Body c) Pulmonary d) Blood View AnswerAnswer: c Explanation: Pulmonary circulation is the process in which deoxygenated blood flows from the right ventricle to the lungs and returns oxygenated blood to the left atrium and ventricle of the heart.

    9. ____________ returns blood from head, neck, thorax and upper limbs to right atrium. a) Superior vena cava b) Inferior vena cava c) Pulmonary vein d) Pulmonary artery View AnswerAnswer: a Explanation: The Superior vena cava return deoxygenated blood from systemic circulation to the right atrium of the heart. It has a diameter of about 24mm.

    10. Major superficial veins that empty into axillary veins drain superficial upper limb structure is ___________ a) Vena cava b) Splenic vein c) Femoral vein d) Cephalic vein View AnswerAnswer: d Explanation: Cephalic vein is a superficial vein in the arm. It is also known as the antecubital vein.

    Who was the tour given by?

    “Shorten the day!!!!! Give information about the interviewers prior to interview day!!!”

    “Be a little more clear about how BlueJeans works when giving instructions for interview day.”

    “I think the virtual interview format worked extremely well. It was convenient and much more affordable than traveling. It would be nice to give the applicants an idea of how long the interview might be.”

    “Will echo what others have said: be more present during the interview day. It felt like we were just handed off from one person to another, and lots of time where we were by ourselves in between sessions. Waiting for later interview slots kind of sucked. Wouldve loved a session that talked about the curriculum and academic resources…I loved the patient simulation, but I think it was weird that we didnt get an overview of the curriculum. The introduction session essentially just felt like it was them talking about the accomplishments of the school (which is great) but I just feel like I dont know much more about the school or why I should go here.”

    “Be more present during the interview day. We arrived at the building and a security guard told us where to go and the students had to pick a place to wait until someone showed up. We also waited around for a student to give us a tour. Provide someone to stay with us all day in case mishaps or questions arise.”

    “Take the candidates to the interview rooms instead of leaving them to find the hallway on their own.”

    “Nothing, very friendly staff made check-in seamless”

    “I wish theyd provided a campus map or something. The hall where we met in the morning was a bit difficult to find.”

    “Interviews would be better if they were in the morning. Interview questions should be impromptu.”

    “Breakfast would be would alleviate some of the awkwardness of waiting around in the morning.”

    “Switch application from paper-based to electronic-based.”

    “The admissions office was wonderful. You can call to get your results early over the phone.”

    “some admissions office people were cool and some were kind of POd…didnt appreciate the ones who”

    “Definitely not as friendly as some of the other schools.”

    “put more material in their folders”

    “Let us know what time our interview will be before we arrive.”

    “I just wish that the application process was a little more organized. It seems much of the applicati”

    “Screen the student presentation that goes on during lunch. It may put people off who are not concern”

    Interview With Daniel Golden, Arterys

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