Arvato Bpo Interview Questions

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  • Q1. IT SALES realted like what is leased line ,Pri , antivirus Add Answer
  • arvato bpo interview questions

    There was a coding test 3 questions on programming and 2 questions from DBMS query part. In DBMS question ER diagram is presented and tables. We need to find the output using our knowledge on query ( Oracle or MYSQL) databases. Tip: Good Knowledge of Joins in required for DBMS. Coding is easy to moderate level. ( One out of 3 can be moderately hard)

  • Q1. It was a test to check our communication skills with respect to listening and speaking in English. It even had some grammar questions. Add Answer
  • Q2. Tip: Be ready with your earphone and listen to whatever is being spoken. Dont panic its easy. You got this! Add Answer
  • Q3. This round was held 3 days after the Coding round. Add Answer
  • Q1. The interviewer asked me about myself and my family. Add Answer
  • Q2. Then he gave me to solve 2 aptitude problems, he asked some basic questions on cloud and machine learning. Some questions regarding my semester subjects andread more Add Answer
  • Q3. After that some basic questions related to conversion from int to float or string to int and float to int. Questions regarding pointers. Asked about my nameread more Add Answer
  • arvato bpo interview questions

    Top skills recommended for Accenture Data Scientist interview Insights by AmbitionBox

    arvato bpo interview questions

    Arvato is an internationally active services company that develops and implements innovative solutions for business customers from around the world. These include SCM solutions, financial services and IT services, which are continuously developed with a focus on innovations in automation and data/analytics. Globally renowned companies from a wide variety of industries – from telecommunications providers and energy providers to banks and insurance companies, e-commerce, IT and Internet providers – rely on Arvato’s portfolio of solutions. Arvato is wholly owned by Bertelsmann. The services business also includes the global customer experience company Majorel, which is listed on Euronext Amsterdam and in which Bertelsmann holds a stake of around 40 percent.

    EPAM Systems Interview Rounds and Process

    Two coding questions on codility. One was easy and second medium. 10 MCQ questions on Big Data related technologies.

  • Q1. This round was scheduled for 1.5 hours and lasted 1 hrs 5 minutes. Discuss about projects done for previous company and architecture of the same. Add Answer
  • Q2. Write code for printing duplicate numbers in a list. Add Answer
  • Q3. Scala traits, higher order functions, currying Add Answer
  • Q4. Connecting Spark to Azure SQL Database. Add Answer
  • Q5. Elaboration of Spark optimization techniques. Types of transformations, shuffling. Add Answer
  • Q6. Difference between cache and persist, repartition and coalesce. Add Answer
  • Q7. Spark components and job execution steps. Add Answer
  • Q8. Hive types of tables and difference between them Add Answer
  • Q1. This was the final round of 1 hour and lasted 45 minutes.I was asked technical questions along with last companies project description. Add Answer
  • Q2. Discuss project and its architecture. Add Answer
  • Q3. Write code to print reverse of a sentence word by word. Add Answer
  • Q4. Difference between RDD, Dataframe, Dataset. Add Answer
  • Q5. Lineage graph, DAG formation, RDDs characteristics Add Answer
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  • Q1. How have you implemented dependency injection in your .NET Core projects? How have you used the Razor engine to build dynamic views in your ASP.NET Core proread more Add Answer
  • Q2. How have you handled security in your Angular and .NET Core applications, such as implementing JWT or OAuth authentication? Add Answer
  • Q1. SQL left join scenario Angular route guard Promise vs observable Add Answer
  • Q2. Performance and security best practices for web application Add Answer
  • Q1. Can you tell us about your experience working in the financial services industry? How have you handled working on projects with tight deadlines and a high lread more Add Answer
  • Q2. Can you give an example of a particularly challenging project you have worked on and how you overcame any obstacles during the development process? Add Answer
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