Ascentx Interview Questions

AscentX Software Development Services Interview Rounds and Process

ascentx interview questions

ascentx interview questions

ascentx interview questions

ascentx interview questions

ascentx interview questions

ascentx interview questions

ascentx interview questions

  • Case Study
  • HR
  • Resume Shortlist
  • Aptitude Test
  • + 2 more
  • Q1. A probabililty question Add Answer
  • Q2. Cement Industry in India Add Answer
  • Q3. The Three Door Puzzle Add Answer
  • Q4. General HR questions Add Answer
  • Q5. One probability question Add Answer
  • Q6. Coin on a Round Table puzzle Add Answer
  • Q7. Guess the number of people watching a particular movie show in the United Kingdom Add Answer
  • Q8. What is the 10 digit number a[0]a[1]a[2]a[3]a[4]a[5]a[6]a[7]a[8]a[9] in which i occurs a[i] times? Add Answer
  • Q9. There are 100 tablets (each weighing exactly same except for one). You have to find out the correct medicine by using a weighing machine but the catch is earead more Add Answer
  • ascentx interview questions

    VHS Consulting Interview Rounds and Process

  • Q1. I was selected for contact to hire role.Team lead from parent company interviewed me .The questions where of basics of oops concepts in detail.As I was interead more Add Answer
  • Q2. In the SQL server diff between delete truncate and drop functions.what is stored procedure and its advantages.diff between function and stored procedure. Add Answer
  • Q3. Interviewer expects you are thorough in fundamental concepts and its implementation in your area of expertise Add Answer
  • ascentx interview questions

    Answer: First priority is clearing the written exams of the companies. The questions included in written exam are difficult as compared to those asked in interviews.

    Question 8:What would you like to advise juniors for cracking HR round of this company?

    While giving your introduction to the interviewer, answer it in a way that it drives the interviewer to the places you want. For eg, I have invested a lot of time in Fateh society so I started my introduction with that and the first 20 mins of my interview was all about the discussion on Fateh. Now, as I know very well about it so I could answer the questions quite accurately.

    Answer: The number of languages you know doesn’t matter as much as the the way a coder thinks matters. If you have the right approach towards coding then it is not that difficult to learn other languages. Focus on your core subjects and build a stronger approach towards it.

    Answer: Participation in extra curricular activities and societies can be used efficiently in interviews. I can say this as I myself was a part of Fateh for 3 years and have invested a lot of time there. But in the end your subjects matter the most and societies are add ons.

    What different software development life cycle (SDLC) models are available?

    Like there are different leadership styles, there are different approaches to the SDLC. SDLC models include:

    A majority of software developers — 86%, to be exact — use agile methodology. Agile software development, also known as agile, is an incremental, collaborative approach. Agile is a method focused on continuously delivering work rather than waiting to deliver one big product. Because of how this process works, teams can improve the software as it’s developed, making it a more efficient delivery process.

    Even if you don’t have experience in this work environment, hiring managers may expect you to understand agile methodology and workflow — as it’s a vital part of many current software engineers’ roles.

    How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions Sample Answers

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