Askreddit Job Interview Questions

Or, a Variation On a Theme

askreddit job interview questions

Instead of asking, “Whats a typical day like?”, you could go for this one. Other related followups include:

askreddit job interview questions

askreddit job interview questions

Jobs with high turnover rates usually have them for a reason. When you really need a job, you might feel like beggars cant be choosers — but its still worth bearing in mind. All the others on this list are good, too, although Au_Struck_Geologist made a useful point about the grad school question:

askreddit job interview questions

What are great questions to ask your interviewer at the end of a job interview? AskReddit

“If I were to start in this position right away, what is the single biggest contribution I could make in the first few weeks?”

“Can I see the fridge I will be using so I can size my lunchbox purchase appropriately?”

“What are the not obvious qualities that you see in people that make them successful in this role?”

“Id like the opportunity to address any hesitations you have about my ability to do the job. Are there any youd like to share at this time?”

“I interviewed for a position to be secretary to the principal at an elementary school and I expected it to just be the principal. It ended up being the principals of all three elementary schools in the area, the current secretary that was leaving, the librarian for some reason, and the front office lady.”

“It was the most bizarre interview I’ve ever been through, lasted almost two hours, and I had to demonstrate my understanding of how to send a fax. For a $20k a year job. I was plenty qualified, I thought I interviewed well, and I literally never heard anything back from them even after I tried to follow up.”

But Enough About Me! What About You?

askreddit job interview questions

I suppose whether or not this question goes over well might depend on each individual interviewer, but we know at least one person digs it:

askreddit job interview questions

askreddit job interview questions

Wow. Those actually are great questions. I, for one, would enjoy being on the receiving end of them.

“I walked in as the HR lady farted — it was a small office with no windows. I later asked her questions about their employee retention rate that she couldn’t answer. The fart stayed the duration of the interview, and I hope the fart got the job, because I didn’t want it.”

askreddit job interview questions

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