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What fellow Walmart employees think:

I had to answer twelve interview questions at Walmart. Ten questions were analyzed and answered in your guide. The interviewers were impressed with my answers and I didn’t lose my composure, which had happened to me before. I got a wonderful job of a customer service assistant in a local store. I would hardly make it without your guide.

Dear Jacob, you’re the man! I wish I could shake your hand! It’s been a real challenge for me to get any decent job here in Texas. Walmart was my only option, really. With your help, I was offered a full time job contract with them.

Local Walmart store is situated just five minutes walking distance from my apartment. When I saw a job opening for a store manager, I told myself: “Mark, you have to get this job!” I decided to do everything I could to succeed. Purchasing Walmart Interview Guide was one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. Answers to interview questions from your guide were excellent, and your suggestions really helped.

Question : When in your last job did you go over and above for the customer?

Hint: As a great applicant for any customer service/sales job in retail, you should always go above and beyond for the customers. If you have no previous experience, say what you would do to go above and beyond with your service.

Your tone of voice is important when answering this question, or a similar one. You should speak with love and joy about every situation when you had to do (or wanted to do) something extraordinary for the customer. Interviewers should get the feeling that you enjoy doing something extra for the people you interact with in your job.

Good answers

I consider it my duty to always do my best for every customer. For example in my last job in retail, I called a friend, expert in the area of electronics, to ask for an advice when a customer asked me a specific question about a computer we were selling. The customer really appreciated what I did. Such moments make me proud of my work.

I always try to exceed the expectations of my customers. That’s the best way to motivate them to come back, and do business with us again. It also helps me to feel satisfaction in work. In my last job I visited a customer at home outside of our working hours, just to explain him and his wife the advantages of our mortgage plan, comparing it to the plans of other financial institutions. They could not make it in the hours, so I went to visit them.

I have never gone above and beyond with customer service, as this is my first job application. However, I understand the importance of customer satisfaction in retail, and I will always look for opportunities to deliver exceptional service. I believe that with every passing week in job I will understand better what works with the customers, and soon enough it will become easy for me to exceed their expectations.

Question : Why do you want to work at Walmart?

Hint: Try to focus on your personal preferences to the brand of Walmart, their vision, values, or product portfolio. You should simply talk about something that distinguishes Walmart from their competitors in your eyes, something their hiring managers should be proud of.

Alternatively you can say you believe to be the right match for the job, that the working environment at WM suits you, at least according to your observations as a customer of the retailer.

Good Answers:

I like the brand of Walmart, and the vision of the company. I prefer to do my shopping here. The way the customer assistants and cashiers approach us in a store is better then it is in other stores, at least in my experience. I would love to become one of these assistants.

The way you work here, as well as the way the store is organized, resonates strongly with my values and beliefs. What is more, the store is located near my apartment, so it would be easy for me getting to work.

WALMART Interview Questions & Answers 2020! (Walmart Interview Process, Tips and ANSWERS!)

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