Asme Sec 9 Interview Questions

4 May a FCAW welder qualified using UT, be used to weld in production?

A. Yes, welder can be usedB. No welder cannot be usedC. Yes, if welder is using GMAW (Short Arc)D. Yes, if welder is qualified with backing

2 The record of a welder’s performance test is called a _______.


3 May a welder who qualified using a double-groove weld, make a single V-groove weld without backing?

A. YesB. NoC. Not enough information providedD. Yes, because backing is not an essential variable for a welder

6 A non-essential variable may be changes without requalification because:

A. Nobody cares about non-essential variablesB. The welder is allowed to change variables at his discretionC. Non-essential variables do not affect the mechanical or notch-toughness propertiesD. Non-essential variables cannot be changes without re-qualification

4 A repair organization has a WPS which states it is qualified for P-8 to P-8 material welded with E308, E308L, E309, E316, electrodes (SMAW process). The PQR, supporting this WPS, states the weld test coupons were SA-240 Type 304L material, welded with E308 electrodes.

A. YesB. NoC. Not enough information givenD. Yes, if properly heat treated

6 A change in a supplementary essential variable requires requalification, when notch-toughness is a consideration.


2 A welder qualifying with a groove weld welded from both sides is qualified to weld ________________.

A. Without backingB. With all base metalsC. With backing onlyD. With P1 backing only

5 Name two defects that would cause visual rejection of a welder’s test pipe or plate?

A. Porosity, underfillB. Lack of penetration/fusionC. Slag, overlapD. Any of the above

Qu a l i f i c a t i o n S t a n d a r d f o r We l d i n g , B r a z i n g , a n d Fu s i n g P r o c e d u r e s ; We l d e r s ; B r a z e r s ; a n d We l d i n g , B r a z i n g , a n d Fu s i n g O p e r a t o r s S E C T I O N I X We l d i n g , B r a z i n g , a n d Fu s i n g Qu a l i f i c a t i o n s AS M E B P V C. I X-2 0 1 7 2 0 1 7 A S M E B o i l e r a n d P r e s s u r e V e s s e l C o d e A n I n t e r n a t i o n a l C o d e

2 For the SAW process ________________________ is an essential variable for the WPS.

A. Supplemental powdered filler metal (if used)B. Filler metal diameterC. Preheat maintenanceD. Addition or deletion of peening

5 In performance qualification of pipe welds to ASME Section IX, which positions require more than two guided bend specimens for qualification?

A. 5G and 6GB. 2G and 4FC. 4G and 5GD. None of the above

Which of the following welding processes are currently not permitted to be used with SWPs as referenced in Appendix E of ASME IX?

A. GMAWB. SAWC. PAWD. All of the above

ASME Sec IX QAQC Interview Questions { QAQC/Welding Inspector}

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