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Mindmajix as a team has got enough questions from the trainees who got their ASP.NET Training and cracked interviews at various MNCs around the world and successfully placed. From the collection of ASP .NET Interview Questions, the following are the most common questions we got are listed to make it easy for those who are willing to crack the interview with ease. All the answers to those were written by our professional experienced trainers and are tailored to meet the concepts expected by the interviewer.

What is an Action Method?

An action method is a method in a controller class with the following restrictions:

  • It must be public. Private or protected methods are not allowed.
  • It cannot be overloaded.
  • It cannot be a static method.
  • An action method executes an action in response to an HTTP request.

    For example, here is an example of an Index() action method on the PostController. It takes an id as an input and returns an IActionResult, which can be implemented by any result classes (see the following question).

    What is NuGet package manager?

    Software developers don’t write all code from scratch. They rely on libraries of code written by other developers. Any modern development platform must provide a mechanism where developers can download and use existing libraries, often called packages. For example, the JavaScript ecosystem has NPM (Node Package Manager), where developers can find and use libraries written by other JavaScript developers.

    NuGet is a package manager for the .NET ecosystem. Microsoft developed it to provide access to thousands of packages written by .NET developers. You can also use it to share the code you wrote with others.

    A typical web application developed using ASP.NET relies on many open source NuGet packages to function. For example, Newtonsoft.Json is a very popular package (with 91,528,205 downloads at the time of writing) used to work with JSON data in .NET.

    3 What are the Security Controls?

  • : Provides a standard login capability that allows the users to enter their credentials
  • : Allows you to display the name of the logged-in user
  • : Displays whether the user is authenticated or not
  • : Provides various login views depending on the selected template
  • : email the users their lost password
  • 6 Explain the difference between Function and Stored procedure?

    Ans: Stored Procedures are pre-compiled objects which execute the code when called for. While a Function is compiled and executed when it is called for.

    6 What is a .NET web service?

    Ans: It is a component that allows the publishing of the applications function on the web to make it accessible to the public. It resides on a Web server and provides information and services using standard Web protocols such as HTTP and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP).

    What languages does the .NET Framework support?

    Ans: .NET Framework supports over 60 programming languages, out of these 11 programming languages are designed and developed by Microsoft.

    1 What is the difference between Stack and Heap?

    Ans: The stack is used for static memory allocation and access to this memory is fast and simple to keep track of. Heap is used for dynamic memory allocation and memory allocation to variables that happen at run time. Accessing the heap memory is complex and slower compared to the stack.

    1 What is the purpose of the Startup class?

    This class handles two important aspects of your application, namely service registration, and middleware pipeline.

    Services are C# classes that your application depends on for providing additional functionality, both used by the framework and your application. Examples include logging, database, etc. These services must be registered to be instantiated when your app is running and when it needs them.

    The middleware pipeline is the sequence in which your application processes an HTTP request (the next question explains the concept of Middleware in detail).

    Startup class contains two methods: ConfigureServices() and Configure(). As the name suggests, the first method registers all the services that the application needs. The second method configures the middleware pipeline.

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