Aspect Technology Interview Questions

Sirius Computer Solutions Interview Rounds and Process

Easy Aptitude questions that covers all sections.

It was a pen and paper based coding test where we have to write 2 codes in 1hr. 1st one is easy and second one is medium level.

  • Q1. Technical Interview with 3 panel members which lasted for 1hr. Add Answer
  • Q2. DSA, DBMS concepts and a SQL query, 2 Puzzles Add Answer
  • Q1. This is basically a Technical+Hr round(final round) where all the 6 panel members will test you with different questions. It lasted for more than 1hr 20 minread more Add Answer
  • Q2. A coding question, DBMS questions, puzzles and mainly on Resume. Add Answer
  • aspect technology interview questions

    Sungard Availability Services Interview Rounds and Process

  • Q1. What are Terraform life cycles ? and how do we use them ? Add Answer
  • Q2. What are TF provisioners ? Describe their use cases Add Answer
  • Q3. Azurecloud services that you worked on ? discuss their use cases in detail at your workplace ? Add Answer
  • Q4. what is ingress in Kubernetes and how does it helps us while we deploy an application in AKS ? View Answers (1)
  • Q1. Discuss architecture of K8s in detail ? Add Answer
  • Q2. what is nodeaffinity and pod affinity in k8s? Add Answer
  • Q3. difference between pipeline variables and variable groups in Azure DevOps? Add Answer
  • Q4. how to trigger a pipeline from specific version of Application code ? Add Answer
  • Q5. what are stages involved in release pipeline ? Explain the code Add Answer
  • Q6. any exposure to PCI / DSS compliance ? Add Answer
  • Q7. Default inbound/outbound NSG rules when we deploy VM with NSG? Explain them Add Answer
  • Q8. Monitoring tool experience? explain the kind of monitors you might have set for monitoring infra? Add Answer
  • Q9. How do we test connectivity to our app in AKS from Azure Front Door? Add Answer
  • Q10. How do we ensure high availability of VM and AKS worker nodes ? Add Answer
  • aspect technology interview questions

    What strengths do you think are most important in a developer [or another relevant tech position]?

    A question like this can reveal what the interviewee feels they can bring to the position. Some candidates may focus on technical abilities and IT certifications, while others may talk more about problem solving, attention to detail, communication and other general job skills. Look for IT candidates who give a balanced answer.

    Section 2 was the basic coding section. It consists of 2 questions, the time allotted to solve was 30 minutes. First one was the school level question, you just need to sum of the array from (j=0 to that iteration) at every iteration with space. The second question was kind of pattern matching I used Optimized Naive Pattern Searching.

    It was an online test on the company-specific portal. Around 2000 students participated in this round.

    Section 1 was verbal Question-15 MCQs were given, the time allotted to solve was 30 minutes. All questions were reading comprehension. The level was easy to medium.

    Round 2: Hackerank Test: It had 5 questions. For getting to the next round you need to solve 2 questions. The time given was 2 Hours. All were medium level questions. The two questions which I had solved were:

    Tech Aspect visited SRM Institute of Science and Technology in August 2019. The role offered was Associate SDE.

    TECHNICAL Job Interview Questions And Answers!

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